Robin [Drake]| Secret

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Here's another Tim fic, I'm a sucker for him tbh.

Y/ N = Your Name
L/N = Last Name


Your P.O.V.

You stare at the reflection in your mirror, feeling content with the way you looked.  You didn't particularly have to look nice, but you wanted to. After all you were headed to the Wayne Manor.

Tim and you had been friends for years, so it wouldn't be you're first time setting foot in the Manor, but it wasn't until recently that you had started to develop feelings for Tim.

So you took your time and got ready, making sure you looked as nice as possible without over doing it, you didn't want to look desperate.

Pulling your jacket closer to you, you headed to the bus stop. You walked quickly and hurriedly got on the bus, it was mid-day but you were still in Gotham so you didn't want to take the risk.

The bus stop at the end of the route was the closest one to the Manor, from there you'd walk the mile to the mansion.

You adjust your backpack as you reach the large iron gates before leaning forward and pressing the call button.

"Miss L/N, how are you this morning?" You hear Alfred state.

"Cold." You reply before the doors swing open.

"That's an easy fix." He calls as you hurry to get inside. The large door swings open just as you approach them and you smile up at the old butler.

"Morning Alfred." You muse as he smiles and hands you a warm cup of hot chocolate.

"Good morning Miss L/N, another study date?" He asks as you laugh, ignoring the twist in your stomach as your cheeks heated up.

"You can call it that." You muse as he laughs.

"I believe Master Tim is in his room." Alfred states as you smile.

"Can I?" You ask motioning to the stairs. The Butler nods as you head up the staircase padding by Damian in the process.

"L/N, you're here earlier then usual." He states as you chuckle.

"Big test coming up." You inform him. He nods though looks skeptical.

"Drake's with Bruce, his room should be unlocked." He states after a few seconds. You nod and head to the room, already knowing the way to his room due to the many times you'd been over.

You drop your book bag by the door and look around the room before taking a seat on his bed. You waited a few minutes, playing on your phone until you grow bored and start looking around the room.

His own school bag was up against the dresser, a few knick knacks around the room, though what had caught your attention was a bloody bandage in the trash can. Your nose scrunches up as you walk to it wondering why is was there in the first place.

When you turn around you get your answer,  there only a couple feet away from it was a bloody uniform. Your brows furrow as you step closer and slowly pick it up, running your fingers over the emblem on the chest.


Red Robin. The uniform was recognizable, you had seen it countless times on the newspapers and even in the news sections on TV, and the uniform laid in your best friends room.

It didn't take a genius to piece the information together, it made sense actually. Why he often left without an explanation. Why he couldn't always hang out. Why he was always distant.

You drop the uniform and stand up, trying to wrap your head around the idea before heading to the door.

"Y/N?" Tim asks with a brow raised.

"I got to go." You state before pushing past him.

"Y/N!" He calls though you ignore him as you rush down the stairs, trying to completely wrap your head around the thought. Tim was Red Robin, your Tim was Red Robin.

"Shit." You hear him mutter causing you to speed up, he'd obviously put two and two together.

"Y/N wait!" He yells as you pass by Dick who raises a brow.

"Got to go." You quickly mumble as you head to the front door, you hurry past Alfred and down the long driveway, trying to get away before Tim caught up with you.

A pair of hands wrap around your waist just as you reach the iron gates. You let out a squeal of surprise as your turned around soon looking up at Tim Drake.

"Let me explain." He says in a hurry as you push him away.

"I have to go." You state as he groans before grabbing you by the wrist and pulling you back. You smack into his chest which he takes as an advantage.

"I wanted to tell you, I really wanted to tell you but I couldn't. I wasn't allowed to, it could get you hurt. Knowing the truth could get you hurt and I couldn't allow that Y/N." He explains as you pull away, stepping away from him.

"I could of lost you Tim, do you know how much that would hurt? To lose my only friend and not know why?" I ask as he sighs.

"I know, I know and I'm sorry but I had to. I couldn't tell you." Tim mutters. You stay silent which he takes as a surrender, quickly wrapping his arms around you and hugging you tightly.

"We're still friends right?" He asks lowly as you laugh trying not to focus on his words too much.

"Friends." You mutter before pulling back.

"Now can we go inside it's getting cold." You muse as he laughs and nods before the two of you head back inside the manor.


Tada! Another Drake one, I really love the Bat family lol.

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