Nightwing| Stranger Thing's.

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So I've just finished binge watching the second season of Stranger Things and got this idea of the reader being a test tube baby from Cadmus, who has telekinises like Eleven so enjoy :D

No spoilers so you can ready worry free!


Your P.O.V.

You ran that night, the night the building came down you ran, using your powers to push away any debris that might fall your way. You ran away from the crumbling place that you were raised in and didn't stop until you were far away.

Years have passed since that day, four to be exact, and you kept yourself hidden only using your powers on the sly to make sure you were never caught. Of course all good things must come to an end, and you suddenly found yourself having to use your powers.

The Gotham overhead subway was speeding down it's usual route when it suddenly lurched back. Everyone stumbled back slightly as the subway cart shook violently.

"Oh my God!" Someone yells causing everyone to rush over, watching in horror as the subway inched closer and closer towards the broken tracks.

"We're all going to die." A guy whispered at your side. You looked at him briefly, glancing away quickly when you noticed he truly believed the words he spoke.

The mom behind you gripped her child tightly as the young girl in front of you pulled out her phone with trembling fingers.

"Momma." She cried in to the phone causing you to let out a deep breath and open the back door of the subway to stand on the edge of the car.

You glance up, finding Nightwing standing on top of the cart, looking quite nervous as he stared ahead, lips moving as he said words you couldn't hear. You knew he wouldn't be able to stop the speeding subway filled with people, but you could.

"Everyone hold on." You call out before focusing you inner energy, holding out you hands in front of you feeling a familiar heat at the palms of your hands.

You felt it instantly, the lurch of the subway as you clench your teeth.

"What the-"

You blocked out all the outside noise, focusing more and more, imagining the subway slowing down, envisioning the wheels stopping as you ignored the throbbing pain in your head. You could feel the blood dripping for your nose, something that happened every time you used your powers despite the frequent use of them throughout your life.

With a gasp and one last push of energy the subway stopped. You let out a sigh of relief as you heard people start to cheer loudly though you didn't pay much attention to it as the world started to spin, the corners of your vision going dark before the world went black.

Dick's P.O.V.

"Tim, there's no way to stop this subway. I can't get everyone out in time." I quickly say in to the coms.

"Meghan, Superboy and Wonder Girl are on their way, they'll stop the subway." Tim states as I sigh.

"They won't make it on time Tim... these people are going to die." I mutter just as the subway lurches back. I stumble slightly before regaining my balance as I look around, trying to figure out what was stopping the subway.

"What the hell?"

"How is she doing that?"

"Is she okay?"

I head towards the hatch on the top of the subway cart and drop inside, looking around the area quickly before I spot her. She was standing at the edge of the subway, hands out in front of her, a blue hue originating from them.

"She's telekinetic." I realize as the subway comes to a complete stop. She  lets out a breath and her shoulders sag in relief. Her hand comes up to wipe her nose before she stumbles back. I get to her before she hits the floor, finally being able to see her facial features and she was gorgeous.

"Nightwing? Hey, what happened? I saw the news feed, how'd you stop the subway?" Tim's voice breaks me away from my thoughts.

"I didn't." I mutter before lifting her up and getting off the subway just as Meghan lands in front of me, dropping Connor before hand as Cassie drops next to him.

"Who's she?" Cassie asks curiously.

"She girl who just saved everyone." I muse as blood starts to drip down her nose.

"We need to get her to the medbay." I state as Meghan nods and she's lifted from my hands before she flies away. Cassie and Connor stay to help evacuate the subway as I rush towards the Zeta tube getting to Mount Justice in a few minutes.

"How is she?" I ask Dinah who looked my way after a few seconds.

"Weak, whatever she did tired her out." 

"Telekinesis." I state as she shakes her head and points at the screen the showed various angles of the incident.

"The glow points more towards Psionics." 

"Manipulation of energy." I mutter as Dinah nods.

"Never seen it before." She tells me as I turn to look at the girl with H/C hair who laid motionless on the bed attached to many monitors.

"Stranger thing's have happened." I mutter as she nods.

"Let's just hope she's okay." She states causing a small knot to form in my stomach.



Tada there will be a part 2 to this, sorry for the lack of updates. I've ran out of ideas and some request don't come very easily to me. Vote and Comment guys.

I imagine the powers to look something like the picture above, a Scarlet Witch type vibe.

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