Damian Wayne| Secrets.

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So this popped into my head and it will now pop on to your screens. Hope you guys don't hate it.

Also Damian is about 17 in this along with the reader.

And you guys should know all the abbreviations already if you don't please comment or dm me.


Your P.O.V.

Metahumans were often frowned upon. Maybe it was because of the fact that we weren't entirely human. So when you discovered your power you hid it, and it became one of your many secrets.

You didn't even know you were a metahuman until you were thirteen.

You had been walking down the alleyway, rushing home when someone slammed you against the wall. You screamed, and kicked, and tried to fight and then suddenly the person was on the other side of the alley, neck at an odd angle.

You stared in shock, sick feeling settling in your stomach before you run away, forcing the bile down as you rushed home, not allowing yourself to puke until you were back in the safety of your home.

You kept your power hidden, partly due to the fact that you barely knew how to control it, partly because you didn't want anyone to connect the dots. 

Being honest you had no clue exactly what your powers entitled, you just knew that they tended to act up when you were angry and upset.

Today was the exception, need drew your power out.

It was a rather normal day, until you were asked to join Damian Wayne, the Damian Wayne, to grab some supplies from the art class supply closet. You groan lowly as you stand up and follow the attractive Wayne boy to the supply closet.

You grabbed a few things the teacher had asked for before the dark voice spoke up through the intercom.

"Little bird, come out to play." The voice drawled, your brows furrow and you notice Damian tense up from your side. He curses lowly before the voice speaks once more.

"Two minutes little bird or someone dies." The voice snaps and Damian moves as the lockdown alarm starts to ring.

"Wait! You're supposed to stay where you are." You quickly remind him causing his green eyes to snap your way.

"Just stay here."  He states firmly as he grabs on to the doorknob.


"I mean it L/N." He snaps before leaving you alone in the small supply closet. You probably should have listened, the alarm was still blaring loudly and the emergency lights flickered above you, a clear sign of danger that you chose to ignore in favor of falling after the boy.

You swallow down the knot in your throat as you walk down the hallway, following the distant sound of voices arguing. You ignore the voice in your head that told you to go back, not stopping until you stood a few feet behind Damian.

Not until a gun was pointed your way.

"Maybe I'll start with this one." The guy states before he pulls the trigger. You hear Damian scream something but your eyes zero in on the bullet speeding your way.


Need kicked in.

Because you needed to stop the bullet, your life depended on it.

A wave of the hand stopped the bullet, causing the guy to cock his head to the side before he fired again, watching, testing.

And the bullet fell to the floor a mere inch in front of you.

"Oh little bird, looks like you brought me something of interest after all." The guy states as your eyes widen. Damian suddenly moves, kicking the guys' feet out from under him before running your way, grabbing your hand and pulling you with him back into the school.

"What the hell was that!" He yells your way as he drags you down the hall.

"It's supposed to be a secret." You yell back as he pushes you towards another exit, this one leading to the parking lot. Damian curses and grabs your hand, once again pulling you towards the street.

"Didn't I tell you to stay put." He snaps your way as he pulls you down the road, cursing when a gunshot rings out from behind you causing you to squeal in surprise.

"I'm not good at following directions." You inform him as he pushes you into an alley. You raise a brow as he heads to a dingy porable toilet.

"Uh Damian?"

"I'll explain later." He snaps as he opens the door and pushes you in.

"Hey!" You shout before he follows after you, as you look at the small space in shock. Instead of a toilet as expected the room was white with a small screen and pin pad.

Damian punches in a code and a bright light flashes causing Damian to cover your eyes quickly. A tingly feeling quickly covers your body and when his hand moves away you're no longer in small porta potty but a field.

"Wha- Where are we?" I ask him as I turn his way.

"I'm more interested in that power of yours." He mused causing you to fidget and step back slightly. Damian watches you cautiously before sighing.

"Welcome to Mount Peace." He mutters as you look around. You had heard about it a lot recently, the new location for the Young Justice team, which had been off the record.


"Robin." He states simply, you watched him for a few seconds before sighing and flicking your wrist slightly.  He stumbles back and when you move your hand forward he's quickly steadied.

"I don't know much about it, like I said, it's a secret." You tell him honestly. He nods once and sticks his hands in his pockets.

"You keep my secret, I'll keep yours, and maybe we can help each other out along the way." He states as you nod and smile.



I have a slight, tiny, microscopic crush on the blood son, and by that I mean I love the damn kid. Anywho vote and comment on what I should do next.

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