Red Arrow| Special Arrangement.

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Warning! Mention of mature scenes.

Y/N = Your Name.


Your P.O.V.

It had started off as a casual thing, a mutual agreement, the two of you were strictly no strings attached.

You weren't completely sure when the ground rules were set, or if they ever were. Though the two of you knew that it meant nothing, or at least it didn't.

The details of how it all started was a bit blurry, but of course you could still piece them together. You were at a bar, of course, after a long night out crime fighting.

You were both quite hammered, the drinking had gotten out of hand and people noticed, especially those looking for a quick hook up, mainly guys. You weren't shocked when a drunk blonde stumbled you way. You weren't shocked when he started to flirt, you were however shocked when Roy stood up and pushed the guy back.

"Alright enough, she's cleary not interested. " Roy snaps as the guy glares at him before shoving him back. You stand up ready to intervene when Roy pushes you back.

"What you won't share a good fuck?" The blonde asks as Roy smirks and send a punch to his jaw. You eyes widen as Roy laughs lowly.

"She's my friend, and trust me she'd be more then a good fuck." Roy snaps before pulling you away. You laugh as the two of you walk down the empty streets of Gotham, heading to our shared apartment. Jason and Kori lived with you guys, of course, but we're both off on missions which is why the two of you had spent your night at the bar.

The two of you stumbled into the apartment and you quickly kicked off your heals, feeling content when you felt the cold wood floor underneath your feet. You smile up at Roy before sighing.

"Thank you." You whisper before kissing his cheek. You pull back and smile once more as he stares at you intently, before he suddenly presses his lips against yours firmly. You instantly kiss back and in a matter of seconds you were slammed against the wall, your legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

Roy's hands drop to grip your thighs, as your hands run through his red hair, tugging on the ends of it slightly. His lips trail down to your neck before he pulls back.

"If you want to stop I suggest you say something now before I can't." Roy whispers as he looks in to your eyes.

"It doesn't have to mean anything right?" You find yourself asking before kissing him once more.

You woke up before him, slipping out of the warm bed and glancing his way quickly before grabbing your clothes and leaving the room, quickly retreating to your room and changing before heading to the kitchen.

"Coffee?" You ask casually as he exits the room with a pair of sweatpants hanging lowly on his hips. He nods, takes the cup before taking a sip, looking your way after.

"Anything on our guy?" He asks and that's how it went on.

The two of you would hook up and then pretend it never happened. You were pretty certain that both Jason and Kori knew of your 'No Strings Attached' agreement yet neither one of them said a thing, so it continued. Often after late missions or when one of you needed a release.

And then one day it changed, your routine of leaving his room early in the morning, or vice versa, changed after one night after a particularly tough night of patrol where one girl died before we got there.

You sat up in bed, clutching the dark sheets to your chest as you searched Roy's room for your clothes. Suddenly Roy's hand gripped your wrist causing you to glance his way.

"Stay." He mumbles lowly. You stay silent before nodding. You slipped back underneath the covers trying to find some warmth before snuggling into your pillow and falling asleep.

You woke up with his arm wrapped tightly around your waist, his head in the crook of your neck, his warm breath sending shivers down your spine. You try to leave, to avoid any awkward conversation, but his grip wouldn't allow it.

So you laid back and relaxed, knowing that you wouldn't be able to get out of his grip. You knew he was awake when he placed a quick kiss on your neck.

"Coffee?" He asks, voice still groggy from sleep. You nod and feel the bed shift before you move to get up, he slips on a pair of sweats and leaves. And so it went on.

You'd always wake up after those nights with Roy next to you, holding you tightly until he woke up and slipped out of the room, sometimes without a word. You knew things were changing in your 'special arrangement', but you didn't say a word.

Of course he did.

And of course at the worst possible moment.

"Y/N!" He called causing you to turn, you quickly turn back around and punch the guy in the face.

"What?" You ask quickly.

"I need to tell you something." He calls as he punches someone.

"Now?" You ask in disbelief as you knee the guy in the gut.

"Now." He confirmed as you bring your elbow down on the guys back. You look at him quickly and notice the desperate look on his face.

"Fine." You snap while kicking someone in the stomach.

"I fell in love with you Y/N." He states causing you to stop and turn to look at him in shock.



And I'll stop it there just cause I'm mean like that lol, want a part two? Leave a comment below for any requests xD

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