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Worm Hole •The Flash • by Bi-Butterfly13
Worm Hole •The Flash •by Arixa
What if Nora wasn't the only family visiter that Team Flash got. But these visitors aren't from A different time their from a whole different world and time. How is team...
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Broken (Bluepulse)-Young Justice by NyaGordon-X
Broken (Bluepulse)-Young Justiceby NyaGordon-X
Everything came out with Bart. Besides him being Gay and in love with Jaime. Will Jaime choose Bart over his Girlfriend Traci?
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BatFam Smut by creepergirlboom26
BatFam Smutby Rebel. C
Smut, lots of it, request DC ships and I'll write it. Lots of Dick Grayson.
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Lies I've told by Usagi42
Lies I've toldby Crystal Hearts
Bart had one mission on his mind when he arrived to the past save Barry and stop blue Beetle. He knew he would have to lie to them hiding the future to help them save th...
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Heroes ⇾ Superboy by -bIackveilbride
Heroes ⇾ Superboyby 𝖙.
HEROS ❝Everyone has a villain they look up to.... mine just happens to be Dr Doofenshmirtz❞ Started: March 23 2020 Published: 22 April 202 Ended: ? © 2020 -BlackVeilBride
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Young Justice One Shots by ICFrost
Young Justice One Shotsby ICFrost ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
(REQUESTS ARE FINALLY OPEN!!) Ever wondered what it'd be like for a superhero to fall head over heels for you? Well, YOU can experience it right in this fanfic. So, enjo...
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Young Justice/Batboys x Reader One-shots by Lady_Epsilon
Young Justice/Batboys x Reader Lady_Epsilon
"Why is no one just whelmed?" "So, I'm your ninja boyfriend, huh?" "Quit touching yourself!" Just a few Young Justice one-shots. Feel free...
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Young Justice X Reader (One Shots) by all_things_dean
Young Justice X Reader (One Shots)by 𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓷
Just some one shots of favorite Young Justice characters (on hold)
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Young Justice One Shots by Skybolina
Young Justice One Shotsby Skye
This is a book that is filled to the brim with Young Justice character x reader one-shots. NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS!!! I hope you enjoy!❤️ Started: 2...
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Young Justice One Shots / Imagines by Roseedia
Young Justice One Shots / Imaginesby r o s e
It's all in the title, baby. - NOT currently opened for requests! UNDERGOING HEAVY EDITING. Feel free to pick out any grammatical errors. -
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Hermitcraft Season 6finity OneShots by I_love_Polar_Bears
Hermitcraft Season 6finity OneShotsby Bear
Season 6finity One-shots just some oneshots from your favorite hermits; if you want to suggest anything or want to see something specifically, just comment on the first...
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Young Justice Oneshots. by AmidReader
Young Justice Jennifer Lennon
A bunch of cute, funny, romantic, one shots of Young Justice. Request are open and I am willing to do OTP oneshots as well. Enjoy.
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Young Justice, Dc Comics, and Batboy Imagines & Preferences by FamousManatee
Young Justice, Dc Comics, and FamousManatee
A series of imagines and the occasional preference for the amazing Young Justice, Dc Comics, and Batboy heroes. Young Justice x Reader Dc Comics x Reader Batboys x Read...
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Young Justice One Shots by Candyfloss66
Young Justice One Shotsby 🍭Sugar & Spice & Everything...
Welcome fellow fangirls/fanboys, to a book filled with wonderful short stories about the amazing male cast of the Young Justice TV series and of course, you! This book w...
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Hermitcraft Oneshots and Requests by _mochii112_
Hermitcraft Oneshots and Requestsby Dragon Bro'ed Sky
A collection of one shots and AUs based on Hermitcraft Season 6 and 7. Requests are currently open, I just want to write Note that I don't ship hermits irl, only their m...
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Bat Boy Oneshots by Comic_Nerd117
Bat Boy Oneshotsby Comic_Nerd117
This is a Young Justice/ Batboy book. If you like the show or have a giant crush on the robins then check this out. I hope you like it and will vote and comment if you l...
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young justice oneshots by inxccxnt
young justice oneshotsby isabella
After becoming completely obsessed over Young Justice and getting this idea from others, I've decided to make my own series of Young Justice one shots. In these one shot...
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Young justice instagram ❤️ by Jazzybear1013
Young justice instagram ❤️by Jazzybear1013
Ummm idk what to put lol hope you enjoy my funny Instagram story stuff 🤔🤔🤔
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[ ✎... Dibujos ] by s-sand_planet
[ ✎... Dibujos ]by Gold ✩
Ésto no fue impulso gracias a alguien...
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Young Justice One Shots by emqress
Young Justice One Shotsby CEO of never posting
A series of young justice one shots and imagines written by yours truly. start: 29/08/16 end: --/--/-- [YOUNG JUSTICE]
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