Red Hood| New Year.

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Long time no write.
Y/N = Your Name.


"Is this really necessary?" He groans lowly as you raise your browser. You take a step closer to him and grab a hold of the tie around his neck.

"Well you tell me." You mutter as you pull him closers and tighten the tie.

"It's your family party we're headed to." You muse as he groans.

"Exactly, we can skip it and stay home." Jason mumbles as you raise a brow.

"You know this happens every time I get close to meeting your family." You state. He shrugs as you look in to his eyes.

"And I give in every time Jay, this time I'm not." You mutter. He groans once more but nods hesitantly as you smile.

"How do I look?" You ask him nervously, it was your first time meeting his extended family and you wanted them to like you.

"Do you even have to ask? You can show up in sweats and still steal the show." Jason mutters causing your cheeks to warm up.

"Thank you." You mutter as he grabs your jacket and helps you slip it on.

"We should go get this thing over with." He groans as you roll your eyes.

The two of you had been dating for about two years now, you had no family so he never went through the whole process of meeting the parents, not that he'd of been eager to do it anyway.

Over the last year you had pushed to meet his adopted family. You had heard many stories of his brothers, and he'd even told you about his days as the boy wonder and his death at the jokers hand, but whenever it came time to meet his family, something would come up.

The drive to the Manor wasn't very long and after parking the car the two of you stayed still. Jay looking at the house nervously while you watched him. He looked scared almost and the thought of it made you sigh.

"We can go home if you'd like." You mutter lowly, wanting to do anything to fix the look on his face. He shakes his head as his eyes snap to you.

"Just promise me you won't back out after this." He states as you roll your eyes.

"Nothing will stop me from marrying you Jay." You state firmly as he nods and exits the car. He was opening your door a few seconds later, grabbing you hand before closing the door and guiding you to the large doors of the house.

A second after ringing the doorbell the large doors swing open revealing an older looking man. Alfred you had guessed. He smiles warmly and ushers us in.

"Master Todd, how wonderful of you to join us and with such lovely company, Y/N I presume." You nod as the Butler grins and reaches for your coat which you allow him to take.

"They're in the living room, you know the way." Alfred states as Jason intertwines your fingers and guides you to the living room.

The room quiets down for a second as dozens of eyes land on you. You swallow dryly before a blonde girl rushes your way, smiling brightly.

"Oh wow, you are gorgeous!" She gushes as she rips you out of Jason's grip. You almost trip but her steel tight grip on you  sits you straight up.

"Steph is right, she's a looker." An older guy states. Jay glares as your dragged away by the blonde girl.

"Shut up Dick." You hear him snap as a dark haired Asian heads your way. Her eyes study you quickly though she simply smiles and takes a seat across from the couch you had been dragged to.

"So, how did you meet Jason? Is he nice to you? Does he always have that pissed off look on his face?" Steph asks quickly as you stay silent.

"Stop scaring her Steph." The red head states as she heads your way. You smile at her, glad that she had stopped the questions from the young blonde.

The three girls make conversation with you until you notice Jason was no longer in the room, Dick and Bruce were also missing. You excuse yourself and go to look for him, as you pass by the window you spot him outside, arms crossed over his chest an angry look on his face.

You head outside, not bothering with you jacket, and head his way, knowing how Jason got when angry. You stop when you  here Jason snap at them.

"She's not married for fucks sake!" Jason snaps.

"Then explain the ring on her finger." You hear a voice state, you guessed it was Dick.

"Jason I know you really like her but if she's married you have to back away." The more mature voice reasons, making you believe it was Bruce.

"She's not married!" Jason argues.

"Then why the ring?"

"Because she's engaged." All three of them glance my way as you rub your hands over the goosebumps on your arms.

Jason moves your way, pulling you in to his chest as your arms move under his jacket, trying to keep yourself warm.

"I proposed a few weeks ago, she said yes." Jay mutters, you try not to laugh at the shell shocked expressions on Bruce and Dick's face.

"Why don't we forget the last ten minutes?" Dick asks. Everyone nods before we head back inside.

"And now you know why I didn't want you to meet my family." Jason mumbles as he pulls you inside. You laugh as you hear his family cheer from inside, the new year finally upon us.

"Happy New Year." You muse as he smirks.

"Happy New Year babe." He states before kissing you.

"A wedding!" You hear Steph yell as you pull apart.

"Ready to leave yet?" Jay asks as you shake your head and push him inside the Manor.


This was supposed to be up on New Years but that didn't happen. Better late then never right? Seriously in love with that Jason pic, not mine by the way so credit to the artist.

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