Red Arrow| Prodigy.

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So in this fic you are the daughter of the Green Arrow and the Black Canary. Enjoy.


Roy's P.O.V.

"You have a daughter?" I ask as I follow after him.

"Yes." He states simply as I raise a brow.

"How old is the little squirt?" I ask as he glances my way before sighing.

"Seventeen." He states causing me to stop in my tracks.

"Wait what?" I ask in shock as he keeps walking, ignoring me completely.

"How?" I ask as he glances at me with a brow raised as I roll my eyes.

"Why am I just learning this?" I ask him as he groans.

"Because I just learned of this." He states as I stay silent.

"Dinah left when she found out she was pregnant, they had told her she had died after birth, they lied." Oliver states as I raise a brow.

"Why?" I ask as he shrugs.

"Don't know." He states as he turns to me.

"Dinah is training her with the rest of the team, I need you to look after her." He orders.

"Babysit, you want me to babysit your kid Oliver?" I ask as he groans.

"Just look after her Roy, she'll be new and even though she knows how to handle herself I don't want her getting hurt, I just got her and I can't... Look after her." He snaps before walking away as I sigh and head to the zeta tube. 

The machines announces me as I head to stand by Dinah who watched the two people in the ring with a slight smile, a proud smile I had only seen on her face a number of times.

I noticed her almost instantly as she circled around the training mat with Nightwing. She was blonde, obviously getting it from her parents, but I couldn't quite see her eye color. She moves quickly, punching his chest before flipping over him gracefully, landing behind him and kicking him behind his knees successfully bringing him to the floor. Nightwing was quick to recover, quickly flipping up, kicking her back in the process. It went on like this a few minutes until Nightwing was able to pin her down to the floor, holding her hands against her back as she groaned. It was then that I noticed the inhibitor collar around her neck.

"Winner: Nightwing." The robotic voice states as the mat dims and Dick stands up reaching out to help the blonde girl.

"Good job you two." Dinah states though her eyes stayed on her daughter, I could see how happy she was to have the young girl here with us.

"We'll continue tomorrow." She states before gripping my hand and pulling me off to the corner of the room.

"Keep an eye on her Harper understood?" Dinah snaps as I hold my hands up in surrender.

"You got it Mama Canary." I state causing her eyes to narrow though a grin spread on her lips.

"Go help her train." She states before heading to the tubes as I head towards Dick and the girl who's name I was yet to learn.

"Nice moves Prodigy."  Dick states with a smirk as she rolls her eyes and motions for the collar which he quickly takes off.

"Thank you Nightwing." She states as he turns my way and smiles.

"Roy, I'm sure you've heard about our newest recruit." He states as I walk over and nod.

"A bit." I state as he turns to her before motioning to me.

"Y/N, this is Roy better known as The Red Arrow." He states as I look of recognition crosses over her delicate features. 

"I believe your more of a prodigy to my father then I am." She jokes as she holds her hand out.

"Y/N, last name is kind of a given." She states as I nod and shake her hand.

"Nice to meet you." I state as she smiles. I look over her quickly, taking in her brilliant E/C eyes and the details of her face. I noticed she had a bit of both her parents, seeming to have a perfect mix of both of their genes to make her look almost nothing like them, you had to really search for the resemblance.

"Prodigy here can use a bit of training with the bow Roy, wouldn't be able to live up to the name if she didn't know how to shot an arrow." Dick states as I nod.

"I'm sure I can help out when Artemis can't." I state as he nods and smirks.

"Good luck." He mutters lowly as he walks by, heading to the rest of the Batfam who leaned against the kitchen counter. Red Robin arguing with the newest Robin of the bunch as always.

"Let's see what you got Prodigy." I state as she laughs and nods. I head to the training room and put in a few simply commands in to the computer, causing targets to materialize around the room. Tim had once explained how it worked, however I didn't quite understand what the hell he was saying. 

I handed her my red bow and an arrow before pointing at the target right in front of us.

"Let me see your form." I state as she nods and raises the bow, I could tell it was a little heavy for her and the drawback force was a bit much yet she still managed to make it right in between the four and five, directly on the line.

"Not bad, let me check if Artemis has an extra bow, keep practicing." I order her. She nods and smiles as she grabs another arrow while I head to find Artemis. She's with Wally and Connor and smiles when she spots me.

"GA got you on daughter duty?" She asks as I raise a brow.

"He gave me a talk too." She states as I roll my eyes.

"There's about to be to many archers on the team." Wally states as Connor smirks.

"Please, her vocal cords will come in handy." He states as I raise a brow.

"She got the meta gene?" I asks as they nod.

"It's a weaker cry then Canary's but it's still got some power." Artemis states before handing over a modified black bow, much like her own.

"I figured yours would be to heavy for her." She states as I smile and grab it out of her hands.

"Thanks Arty." I state before heading back to the training room where Y/N still shot arrows at the targets scattered around the room.

"Try this one Y/N." I state as she nods and grabs the black bow. She pulls back the drawstring and releases the arrow, sending it straight at the ten.

"Perfect." I state as she grins happily before turning back to keep shooting at the targets. My eyes stayed on her form, sometimes wandering before I snapped them back to her, trying to focus on her stance but there was something about her that intrigued me. She seemed to hide a lot of things and I was eager to find them out.


Tada! So this is probably going to be part 1 of a mini series and this was requested by @meapmk So I hope you enjoyed it. 

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