Damian Wayne| Mind Control.

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So I know he isn't in YJ but he's one of my favorite dc characters. He's so sarcastic and moody and I just love it. Anyways this is set when he's about eighteen. And in this he is still Robin. Also like the title suggest at one point in this he is being mind controlled.


Your P.O.V.

Damian had been acting strange for a while, and that was saying something. Your boyfriend had also been slightly more snappy then usual and even his brothers had noticed.

"What's wrong with him?" Tim asks you as Damian shoulders past him and in to the manner.

"I have no clue." You state as you watch his stalk past Alfred, ignoring the butler's greeting and heading down to the batcave.

"Hey Dami!" You hear Dick greet cheerfully.

"Shut up." He snaps at his oldest brother as you sigh.

"Has he been mean to you?" Tim asks causing you to nod. Tim looked deep in thought as you head towards the batcave, sending a smile to Richard as you walked past him. Damian was typing away on the computer as you walk in.

"Damian?" You mutter lowly, he turns to glance your way quickly before turning back around to the computer. You don't say anything but step closer to him, watching as he quickly went from one file to another. All files for villains. 

"Master Damian, Miss L/N, dinner's ready." Alfred states from behind you before you can ask your boyfriend what he was doing. You glance at Damian before heading upstairs wondering why he was looking through those files without it being for a mission.

You tried to ignore the nagging feeling that told you that something was horribly wrong. Pushing all bad thoughts to the back of your mind as the days passed by. Damian seemed to grow more distant as the days passed which had you wondering if you should consult Bruce or Richard about it.

Before you got a chance however you found out why he had been acting the way he was, the night you woke up with out him to your side and went to go look for him. You found him on the roof top, dressed in his "work" uniform with a very beautiful woman on his side. His mother.

You stand in shock, frozen before Talia smirks, lips pulling up slightly before she sighs as she wraps a hand around her sons shoulders.

"Ah, such a shame you had to wake up Y/N." She mutters as she smiles and looks at her son quickly.

"Guess I'll just have to get rid of you." She states before grabbing a hold of Damian's chin and forcing him to look her in the eye.

"Kill her." She orders, voice firm. Your eyes widen as she pulls out a sword and hands it over to him.

"Damian." You mutter as he steps forward. He swings the sword you way and you quickly jump back, silently thanking Barbara and Artemis for teaching you a few moves.

"Damian snap out of this! This isn't you!" You shout at him. He jumps out and kicks, hitting you in the stomach and sending you back a few inches.

"Don't do this." You plead, knowing he would win. There was no way you could win against the guy who had been trained by assassins. He kicks low, knocking you down on you back. You groan lowly as you hit your back on the hard concrete floor. You try and catch you breath before looking up, eyes widening as you see him jump up, sword in hand aiming directly at you. 

You manage to roll away and quickly stand up backing away from your crazed boyfriend.

"Please stop." You mumble as he moves his sword, slashing you arm in the process. You hiss in pain before an idea pops in your head. You glance at the watch on his wrist, remembering it's panic button. As he punches again, you grip his wrist, pulling him roughly and pressing the button before kicking him in the stomach causing him to fall back for a split second.

"Damian, just kill her!" Talia snaps at her son. You look up once more and see the hard look on his face.

"As you wish mother." He states, voice monotone. You don't have time to react before the sharp pain errupts in your stomach, scoorching hot pain. You look down and gasp as you see the sword in your stomach.

"Y/N?" Damian's voice was back to normal and when you look up his way you could see his was back to his normal self.

"No." He mutters lowly, voice shaking as he pulls you in to his chest.

"What did you do mother!" He shouts towards Talia who laughs.

"I didn't do anything my son, you did." She states as he shakes his head and cups your face.

"No, no, no, stay awake Y/N. Stay awake beloved." He whispers as he pulls you closer towards him, picking you in to his arms.

"Stay awake." He mutters softly, repeating himself over and over as he stands up.

"Damian." You mumble as he looks around quickly.

"Shh, just hold on Y/N." He states quickly as you shake you head and grip his cheek.

"Babe, it's okay." You whisper as he shakes his head. You hear someone land on the roof, probably Batman  responding to the panic call.

"You didn't know what you were doing." You state as he looks up.

"Father do something!" He cries in desperation.

"Let me take her." You groan as someone picks you up, managing to shot a smile at Dick who holds you in his hands.

"This won't be the most comfortable ride." He states as you nod, though you felt your body grow weak and your eyelids grow heavy.

"Stay awake Y/N." Nightwing orders but you were soon drifting off, surrounded in darkness.


There is it another one shot. So any requests? And sorry for the late update guys, I've had writers block. Older Damian art is not mine, the artist is written on the pic.

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