Nightwing| Nightmares.

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Y/N = Your Name

SH/ N = Superhero Name.

So in this fic,  you and Dick have been together for about a year but in secret due to both of you guys being hero's and on the team. So this takes place around the time where mount justice was blown up and the team stayed in Bludhaven.


Your P.O.V.

You woke up early in the morning, like early early in the morning.  You wondered why as you reached for your phone to check the time. As suspected it was very early, only two a.m., and you were never a morning person. So why the hell were you awake this early? 

A whimper soon answers your question. You sit up in your cot and listen closely soon recognizing the noise. It was your boyfriend, you had heard the noise many times before when you slept over at his place.

Looking around you were relieved to see the whole team was still asleep, and slowly get up, cheering silently when the cot doesn't squeak. You walk silently across the room, past the dark curtains that separated the guys and girls and towards Nightwing's bunk. He was of course separated from the other guys, off to the side. He was whimpering lowly, turning around on his cot, a thin layer of sweat on his forehead.

You're heart broke at the sight, and with a quick look around the room to confirm everyone was still asleep, you made your way to him. You kneel down next to him and sigh as he whimpers.

"Y/N." He whimpers causing you to shake his shoulders lightly.

"No, not.. not Y/N. Don't hurt her." He whimpers once more causing you to shake him a bit harder.

"Dick." You whisper as his blue eyes snap open. His eyes meet yours and he lets out a sigh of relief. You smile as him and run a hand through his hair before caressing his cheek.

"You okay babe?" You ask him as he quickly nods, his hand covering yours as he swallows audibly.

"Yeah, of course, just a bad dream." He answers with a small smile. You raise a brow and look over him quickly before sighing and slipping under the covers with him.

"Y/N, what are you doing?" He asks as you ignore him and wrap your arms around his midsection.

"Comforting my boyfriend." You muse as he wraps his hands around you.

"The team can wake up." Dick mutters as you glance up at him.

"What was the dream about?" You asks lowly ignoring his previous statement. He stays silent before looking at you quickly.

"About the Joker." He mutters looking up at the ceiling.

"Getting to you, once he know about us, he got to you to hurt me." Dick mumbles lowly, his voice cracks for a second though he soon clears his throat.

"Dick, that's not going to happen." You mutter lowly as he sighs.

"And how do you know that Y/N?" He asks lowly, meeting eyes with you.

"I don't but you can't let that control your dreams Dick." You mutter.

"It's involuntary." He mutters lowly. You sigh and smile sadly at him.

"Look, I know that Jason's death has a lot to do with these dreams, but you have nothing to do with his death, you couldn't stop it, and you can't blame yourself for it. Hell not even Batman saw it coming." You mutter as he sighs and nods. You smile and turns around in his arms, your back to his chest.

"Now go to sleep, I'm losing my beauty sleep here." You mutter causing him to chuckle and kiss your cheek.

"Trust me babe, you don't need it." He mused as you laugh.

"Good one." You whisper before closing your eyes, smiling when his strong arms encircle your waist.

You woke up what felt like minutes later, a bright light against you eyes bringing you out of your peaceful sleep. Your eyes snap open and you find Tim standing over you, his phone in hand, a guilty look on his face.

"It wasn't me." He quickly states before slowly putting his phone down. You look around as you sit up while moving Dick's hand off of my waist.

"The rest of the team is still asleep, and I'll keep this between us."  Tim states as you rub your eyes before raising a brow.

"So why the picture?" You ask him as he smiles.

"Blackmail, by the way you really do help his nightmares."  He mutters causing you to raise a brow.

"I don't sleep much, by the way you are pretty good at sneaking around, I almost didn't hear you." He states, answering you unasked question. You nod in understanding as Tim smirks.

"I'll start the coffee, you wake Dick, we have work to do." He states as you nod. He walks away as you roll you eyes before turning to your boyfriend.

"Come on babe, wake up." You whisper lowly. His eyes snap open and he smiles lazily at you causing you to grin.

"Get up before the team does, we have things to do." You state, he nods as you move to get up to go get ready. His hand wraps around you arm and he pulls you down before connecting his lips to yours quickly.

"Go." He mutters as you smile before rushing to change and soon joining Tim in the kitchen as Dick gathered the team, everyone know in costume.

"Alright guys word is..." 

You smile as he gives out orders, wondering how'd you gotten so lucky to end up with him.


Tada, another Nightwing one. (I may be slightly obsessed with him #sorrynotsorry) Anyways the next one will probably be the second part of Misses Wayne. What would you like to see in that? Or in general. Let me know Cx

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