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after awhile, millie hadn't stopped counting down time. there was around 4 days left.

"millie you should probably get your stuff ready, i will too." she nodded, packing things.

"my mom is out of the hospital now, she told me whenever i'm ready, she is. also, i told her about you. she said she'd love to have you stay at our house." i smiled widely as she said that.

"you know i'm the luckiest girl in the world, right?" she asked.

"yeah, i know, mills. i'm probably the luckiest guy in the world, too, you know?" she smiled at me as i said those words.

she began to sing poppy songs at the top of her lungs. "oLD SUITCASEEEE CLEAN GETAWAYYY." i laughed, singing the next verse.

once the song was over, we laid on the couch, tired as ever.

"finn, i'm so glad you won't have to leave me, which means, 4 days til we leave. together." she gripped my hand and swung them back and forth.

"yeah, i wouldn't go to spain if you weren't there." i finished, rubbing the back of my neck and blushing.

"finn, aren't you sweet?" she booped my nose. i laughed.


"finn, you know that you're sweet, why can't you see it for yourself?" she locked our hands together.

"maybe i can."

"you're an idiot, finn, but you best be lucky that i love idiots."

"wait it's a plural now?"

"you know what i meant, foxsoft."

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