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now is the time. the time millie teaches me how to rap. is this possible?

"okay finn, got a favorite rapper?" she asked me. i don't really listen to rap music, but i guess nicki minaj...

"nicki minaj is really the only one i know." i shrugged. she gleefully clapped.

i knew her favorite rap was by nicki. "looks like you get to learn monster!! the best rap!" she jumped up and down excitedly.

"okay, finn, so start with 'pull up in that monster automobile, gangster.'" this is just the easy part, i thought.

i spit it to a beat. i croaked out each word, considering i couldn't bare clearing my throat weirdly.

"you okay, finn?" she tapped my shoulder. i breathed heavily.

"maybe you can teach me in a few minutes. i think i gotta take a break."

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