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finn had a really big house compared to mine in spain. and to think, i had only stepped into the living room. it literally was the size of my parents room and mine combined. huuuuuge.

"so, millie, my 'rents are out for 38 days... they're on a buisness trip." he held my hand. he knew it was hard for me, but i've been through it before. i'm used to it.

"thanks. for letting me stay here. my mum's an alchoholic. i'm kinda used to staying with friends." i rubbed my arm. he sighed, feeling sorry. at least my mum isn't in rehab again. too many times.

i followed finn to where he pulled my arm to. "this is where you'll be staying, millie." he pointed to a big, empty room with a bed. a sign on the door said guest room. i guessed that's what it is.

he led me to the kitchen. "you're probably hungry, right?" he smiled. i giggled. "yea, a little, i guess." he motioned me over to the freezer where so many foods were sitting.

"what do you want, millie?" he asked, looking back to make sure i was still next to him. i didn't wanna seem greedy, but you know, too many options.

"hey, finn.. can you help me make something?" my face turned into a devilish grin. i was going to make glory.

i pulled out cheese, noodles, water, everything. and the best part. garlic.

"we're making 'garlic mush.'" i said, quoting what my mum used to call it. it's pasta, mashed up, with garlic and cheese. it sounds gross but it's really good.

he laughed, and pulled out spoons. i measured everything, and finn put the cold mix into the oven to bake. i wasn't good around ovens.

we sat on his couch, waiting around for 30 minutes. by the 20 minute mark, i was asleep on his arm. suddenly, the alarm rang.

"oh, god. it's ready.." he gasped. it was a shock to the both of us. finn pulled it out and i jumped and squealed.

"wow, this doesn't look terrible." he laughed, setting the glass pan on the marble-slab countertop. "it's hot, okay?"

he smashed it with a spoon. "very pasta-ish i guess?"

"very, finn."

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