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millie served the pasta into two individual bowls. "wow, this looks really good, actually."

she laughed. i've kinda understood that she has this a lot. 

"thanks for everything." she said, blowing on the pasta.

we walked to my living room. "it's no problem, millie. it's amazing having you here. it's usually so lonely."

she looked dazed. "how can you be lonely? you're finn wolfhard."

i laughed. there was quite a lot of reasons. "after i said i'd never date a fan, i hadn't been getting much attention." i sighed, and rubbed my shirt. she hugged me.

"well, i think you're great." she smiled. i smiled back. she passed me the tv remote, motioning for me to pick something.

"wanna watch my show, weirder things?" she'd love to watch it, it's where she knows me from. she nodded, and nestled against my couch.

within episode 1, she fell asleep. her pasta was cleared, and she was snoring, lightly.

i turned off the tv and watched. her phone started to vibrate. "oh, woah. haha." she looked at her phone, constant laughter.

her laughter faded when she saw the screen.

"mills, what is it..?" i bit my lip.

"it's.. well.." she stuttered. "it's my buddy, sadie. she'sis in LA, and she's gotten kidnapped." i didn't even know what to think of that.

"the kidnapper left a message. it says 'your friend is waiting. 272 brisk boulevard.'" she shed a tear drop.

"we can find her, millie." she looked scared.

 "what? finn... i don't want you to get hurt though." i grasped her hand.

"we can go, together. i'll bring this." i showed her a small hand gun. self defense, bruh.

"hey, taxi? i need a ride."


a taxi arrived, and finn and i rushed in. "here's the address. STEP ON IT." finn handed him my phone, and the driver loaded it into his gps. he went 10 miles over the limit, going faster than he should.

we reached our destination, it not being that far from finn's house. it was a dark alley, but we saw the building she was in. it was the abandoned bar.

nobody had been there in years, and nobody planned to go.

we stepped inside, silent with each step. "the basement." finn whispered to me. i nodded, agreefully.

"dad, your gonna pay for this!" i heard sadie scream.

it was her dad. why? how?

"oh, so your little friend is here too, huh sadie?"

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