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"sadie!" i ran to her, but her dad stopped me in my tracks.

"not so fast, first, you and your little boyfriend here need to help me."

her dad was vicious. we would do whatever to get sadie back though.

"open this lock, after three tries, it explodes." he devilishly grinned.

"finn... he would try to hide the obvious, right?" finn nodded. "try 1,2,3!" we both whispered.

finn quickly turned the lock from left to right, and after the obvious combo was revealed, it cracked open. "middle school, you've done me well." finn happily exclaimed.

sadie's dad sighed. he untied the hold on sadie. i hugged her, finn stood by and watched.

"sadie, this is crazy. what did he want anyways?" i asked, suspiciously. she hesitated for a moment.

"he wanted to open that lock, because it's also the key to something. he wouldn't tell me what though." she sighed. that must suck... having your own dad kidnap you.

"come with us, sadie!" finn motioned her to join us, as the cab finn called had been waiting outside. she got in, buckling the seat belt.

"where can i go?" she trembled. finn glanced at me, and i sighed.

"finn, you can help her afford a hotel, right?" i planned. he nodded. he could basically afford anything in the world with his fortune.

"HEY, DRIVER DUDE. GO TO THE MARIOTT." finn screeched at the driver. the mariott was close, and affordable. finn handed sadie 12 100$ bills. "that should cover it." he secured it in her hand.

she ran, waving at me. sadie was always so giving, she didn't deserve what she got today. she didn't think i noticed, but she had "dad was here" carved into her wrist. her dad is just so cruel...

"finn, please tell me we can go home, now.." i rested my head on his arm. he patted my head.

"millie, we're homeward bound."

the driver reached finn's 2-story house. "finally.. can we eat something?" having just ate, i didn't want to sound like a hog... but i couldn't help it.

"yeah, millie. anything you want."

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