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eleventh chapter! triggered11!!!11


the taxi finally arrived at finn's house. "okay, finn, we're here. it's fine, just lock the... woah-" there was a few things missing.

"what? my mom is going to kill me!" finn began to hyperventilate. there was a painting missing, a rug missing, and his mom's blue jacket was missing too.

"maybe nobody will notice, you have stuff in the attic right?" his eyes widened with an idea when i said that.

"your right, we keep backups of everything." wow that must be a lot of stuff to back up.

"and what helps, is my mom will be in hospital for three more weeks, starting tomorrow." he glared at me.

"and that's a good thing, how?"

i facepalmed. there was a few reasons.

"well for starters, we can go more places, amusement parks, wink wink."

he smirked. after talking for so long, we obviously both love rollercoasters more than anything possible.

"another reason, is that they can help her, with her... issues." he glared away awkwardly.

"yeah... that is a good thing, good point. she's probably doing better."

"and the only other good reason i have is that i can teach you a few things.." i tapped my head.

"like what? what exactly can you teach me?" he smirked. i gasped. i could teach him anything.

"um, obviously, how to make an outfit match." i burst out laughing and almost fell on the floor.

"what else...?" he trailed off. i laughed. there were tons of things that i could teach him, but i didn't have time to teach him all of them.

"i can teach you how to rap." he laughed, acting as if i couldn't.

"oh, really?" i began belting out nicki minaj's verse in 'monster.'

"i didn't know you could rap... wow. you should consider teaching me." he laughed. i smiled.

"i don't think you'd do too bad... we'll try that."

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