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after that last ride, we went home. we both felt sick, getting burger king on the way home. lets just say carnival rides and fast food don't go well together.

finn immediately laid on the couch and i piled next to him. "i never want to see a chicken nugget again."

"millie we all know that isn't true," he snickered, cracking himself up.

"you're right, we might just get more fried food tomorrow." i sighed and laughed.

"millie, i always say, eat food like there's no tomorrow." i stopped for a second.

"finn did you ever really think what you would do if there is no tomorrow?" i looked up at the ceiling and sighed.

"i'd do this." he looked at me and laid his lips on mine.

i smiled. "you're adorable, finn wolfhard."

"and you're amazing, millie brown." i smiled at him. he's actually the sweetest person.

"6 days." i pondered, looking at him.

"why not make the most of them?" he looked at me.

"you're right, i can't live without you though." i sighed. he looked at me, and laughed.

"millie, you know what? i'll come with you." he smiled.

"wait what?" my eyes widened, because i couldn't tell if he was serious, or just joking.

"i'm finn wolfhard, and i don't start filming for two years, we just finished season two." he laughed. i smiled.

"would you really do that for me?" i hugged him tightly.

"millie, you know that i'd do anything for you. anything."

"well, why don't we just pretend like the world is ending tomorrow then?"

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