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those words finn said.

"we both like people with brown eyes, huh?"

they legit gave me life. i stared at him. "yea, i guess so." i smirked, and nudged his shoulder. he laughed and pulled out an iphone 6s. 

"here. it's an upgrade, i guess." my mouth dropped.

"really finn? are you serious? this is so nice.." he pulled out his 7 plus, assuring me to keep this brand new phone. i turned it on. new updates, and all refurbished. i looked at finn for a second, and wrapped my arms around him.

"today has just been.. amazing. and it couldn't get any better," he laughed and i confusingly looked around. was there something else? a gift or something?

"oh, it can get better," he laughed. "come on in, guys!" noah, gaten, caleb, and natalia peeped out from behind the tree. i tried not to scream in complete awe.

"y-you.. g-guys. wow. ok." i laugh-cried, shocked by what just happened. 

"if you didn't love me already, i'm sure you do now." finn looked at me, and took a picture of us on his phone. he checked out instagram, and looked at my profile. "well, millie, congrats on 100k followers." he smirked. i gasped. how?

"how? what..? i'm just a fangirl from spain.." i gasped, but crying of joy. this was insane, but in a way that made me want to jump to the moon. i didn't realize how much meeting finn would effect me. it did effect me, yet in a good way. my mum sat upon a bench on the other side of the park, flipping through the new issue of southern living.

"my day is just amazing." i hugged finn, tightly. he looked at me, and began to say something.

"you know what'll make your day more perfect?"

i honestly couldn't think of anything to top this, but you know, maybe finn could surprise me. you never know what life will give you.

"what?" i smiled, brightly.

"i like you. you like me. we'll stay in touch." he winked. i hugged him tightly. what an amazing dude.. i honestly thought he'd be a stuck-up celebrity.

"welcome to the family, millie." noah and gaten joined our hug from behind and natalia cheered.

my original intent was to go and meet a celebrity. nothing more, unless by chance, someone happened to make my day brighter. that someone was finn wolfhard, and always will be.

finn broke the hug and looked me in the eye.

"us together, millie. it's gonna be lit."

i cringed at the use of the word 'lit' but it's okay, as long as finn would be the only one saying it. 

"MILLIE BROWN! WE NEED TO GO!" my mum shouted. i let go of finn and he smiled at me.

"i'll consider spending summer in spain."

knowing that summer was soon approaching, i hoped he wouldn't break that promise.

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