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finn took my hand and dragged me into the large double doors. "woah..." there was multiple stores, and large windows. "OH MY GOD, HOT TOPIC!" i grasped my hand on finn's and dragged him.

"it's so huge!" i gasped, looking at hot topic. it was like my local gas station in ONE store. "we need matching shirts!" i screamed. he went along with my crazy antics, and entered.

"okay, mills." he laughed. i saw a panic! at the disco shirt and screamed. it said...

you're the brendon to my urie. 

and it had an arrow pointing next to you. the arrow came in two directions. we smirked at each other, and brought it to the counter. finn gave the lady the money.

"wait, are you that kid from that sci-fi show? i love you!" she screamed. he shushed her and she pleaded whisper-apologies. we walked out with the shirts, as fast as possible.

"mills, this happens a lot." we continued strolling through the mall until aeropostale came into sight.

"ooh, finn! i like their new jean shorts! can i stop by and get a pair?" i begged. he nodded, handing me a $100 dollar bill.

i looked around... "white, or blue? which color?" i pondered to myself. this was the issue with shopping, i just never know what i want. i finally decided on blue, paid, and exited.

i found a bathroom and put on the new shorts, while finn waited for me outside. i posed when i came out in the new shorts. "you look great, let's go get some food, now." he grabbed my hand, and took me to starbucks.

"yay! starbucks!" i exclaimed, happily. i looked in the store. i never really have starbucks, since it was quite expensive, but now i could kind of afford it.

"anything you want, mills, you can have."

sorry for short chapter, loves x

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