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i was getting annoyed. "finn, you done with that break yet? it's been half an hour and all you've been doing is eating chips!" i laughed at that last line, because finn was just bored.

"well make me." he stuck his tongue out like a three year old.

"oh finn, you..." i leaned in and kissed him. "will you try to rap again?" i smirked at him.

"fine, what's after that first verse?" i got the lyrics in my head.

"okay, with a bad bitch that came from sri lanka. okay isn't apart of it though." i laughed because i hope he could tell it apart.

he took a deep breath and began.

"pullupinthatmonsterautomobilegangsterwithabadbitchthatcamefromsrilanka." he quickly mashed the words into a string of words.

"woah, finn, no need to go that fast!"

he breathed heavily, trying to laugh, but instead wheezing. i laughed, and got him a glass of water.

"okay finn, drink." i passed him the glass and he drank the water. he suddenly sprung out of his wheezing cough.

"lets not rap right now..." i suggested. he nodded, his eyes wide.

"what do you want to do?" he asked, curiously. that was a good question, what did i want to do?

"how about... we make a collage."

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