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"a collage?"

millie nodded. i've made those when i was a kid, but they were usually for a mother's day craft.

"what of?" i asked. she smirked.

"i have something in mind. pictures of you and i!!" she yelped happily.

i smiled, it was a great idea. i nodded, giving her approval.

i logged onto my computer and uploaded all of my pictures with millie. i then hit the 'print' button.

the glossy colored photos flew out of the printer, and millie ran to get tape and scissors.

"finn, i'm a pro. i made a collage of you last year and hung it on my wall. big fan." she laughed. it wasn't so creepy coming from her surprisingly.

she fangirled over all the cute photos. "finn, it's 12:00, should we go to bed after this?" she cautiously asked. i dismissed her comment.

"mills, who needs sleep?"

she laughed and nodded. she grabbed the first photo off the pile, being the first selfie we took at the meet and greet.

she touched her heart and smiled like a mother looking at their daughter. she taped it to the page and wrote a caption under it.

met - first time.

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