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"it's the day." my mom picked finn & i up at the door. "lets go."

a taxi drove us to the airport. finn paid for our plane tickets.

we sat in the airport lobby, for around an hour.

it got very tiring waiting, until they called us.

"flight 4b!" that was us, finn showed the lady his face, and we entered first.

she must've been star struck, it was a teen celeb. who wouldn't be?

finn put his beanie and glasses on, looking entirely different. even i would i recognize him.

"come on..." i didn't use his true name so i thought of one. "oh... shamus!" he looked at me and laughed. same name he used at the carnival.

we took a seat. my mom sat on one side, and finn and i sat on the other.

"get ready for take off."

he squeezed my hand. "we'll be leaving today. together."

"yeah, foxsoft, together."


we weren't there yet, but midway through the flight, patrons got off at their airport. we must've been in a foreign country or something.

"finn, lets go live on instagram!" my mind sparked that idea suddenly. he opened instagram and started the live.

the comments came rolling in once we started it.

lucyleekly: who's that

ingridtomma: it's millie you dumbass

lucyleekly: mEANIE

olivialewistonnn: i ship this sm!

wishingwolfhard101: ship ship ship

"hey guys!" i said to the live. finn waved, whilst bursting photos of himself on my phone.

"so we're on a flight at the moment, on our way to spain." i informed the viewers. the lady told me to stop streaming.

"god, flight attendants these days, bye guys!" i waved to the live and ended it.

i've hated flight attendants for years now, this just makes my hate for them grow stronger.


we arrived at the airport closest to my home. "finn wake up!" i nudged him. he sprung up.

my mom grabbed our hands and led us out. we drove home from the airport.

it was really late at night when we arrived home, but finn saw the guest room and threw himself on the bed.

"do i even have to wear pajamas because this is too tiring." he sighed.

"no you don't, foxsoft."

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