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i watched as her mom clasped her arm and pulled her away. she'd be going all the way back to spain. too far away for me...

noah looked at me while i watched her car drive away. he brushed my back with his hand and broke the silence. "who wants to get pizza?"

natalia, gaten, and caleb agreed, and i sat and nodded. i grabbed my phone from my back pocket to text millie. i had 3 missed calls from her and a text that said "help."

i dialed her number fast, to see what was going on. "millie? hello?"

on the other end of the line, there was exasperated panting, and mllie probably having a panic attack. "woah millie, are you okay?"

"no, finn.. on west hollywood lane, my mom ran into a street sign. you're the first one i called. please help.." i gasped.

i immediately turned to natalia, the only one with her driver's liscense.

"natalia, we can most likely all fit in that car of yours."

in a blink of an eye, we all went piling into her jeep. noah, caleb, and i, being in the back with us being the smallest, and gaten riding shotgun.

natalia put millie's road into the gps and drove. we saw a terrible crash, with tons of people crowded near.

"oh my.. where's millie?" gaten said, scared. i saw a girl get out of the car.

we all quickly noticed that the girl we saw was millie. she had a bruise or two, nothing major. but her mom on the otherhand...

her mom had scratches from head to toe. millie cried as she walked over to us.

"it's okay, mills. she'll be okay." noah assured her. she hoped so. her mom got loaded into an ambulance. millie waved to the nice workers.

"natalia, she can't stay by herself while her mom is there for a month.." i murmured to natalia, standing next to me. she smirked at me.

"finn, your parents are out, you have taxi access, why not take her in?" she messed up my hair and pushed me to millie.

millie was drying her face and breathing heavily. "hi millie.. if you want to, you can stay with me while your mom is in the hospital.." i smiled at her.

she smiled back, rubbing her arm. "t-that'd be great, thanks finn."

natalia dropped us kids off at our individual houses one by one, me being last.

millie had her stuff, from when the car had crashed. 

"well millie, welcome home i guess."

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