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my mum and I continued looking around. i'd also happened to meet noah schnapp, and gaten matarazzo, but no celebrity caught my eye as much as finn did.

she dragged me by the arm into our jet black toyota outside of the convention, when my old-as-ever iphone 4 beeped. it was a los angeles number. it was a cute text.

"hey cutie, it's finn."

that's what the message said. i texted back a heart emoji, and loaded myself into the toyota. i smiled, and shoved the small phone into my handbag. i couldn't imagine how drab my life would be if i hadn't come to this thing. i'd probably be at school right now, in history class, drawing a picture.

i heard a beep incoming from my handbag. must've been my phone. i scrolled through my notifications. my instagram account began gaining thousands of followers. "what the...?" then, my tagged photos list had a new picture under it.

finnwolfhardofficial: met this cutie today at tele-con! 

i was oblivious as to how he found my instagram, but there were hundreds upon hundreds of comments.

starboy776: r u guys dating?

livelifefun524: omg i ship it! fillie!

koolkattracy: lol ily finn! u guys should date!

i left a comment on his photo, hoping he'd see it within his hundreds of notifications per second.

milliebobby_brown: nice meetin' u :)

i saw he had followed me. i went from a small 50 followers, to a whopping 5,000. i gasped, and happily laughed. "mum, this is amazing..." my mouth dropped wide open. 

gaten followed me, noah followed me, even caleb mclaughlin followed me. this was so unexpected, but i couldn't help but smile. during my newfound fame, i got a text.

finn: drive to greene lake park. i'll be waiting ;)

i told my mum to turn the wheel around. i made up a fake excuse, saying it has nice trees, and she turned the car around and drove.

i saw finn waiting there. this was so weird, but so fun at the same time.

"now.. tell me a bit about yourself."


It was pretty nice having someone here who didn't like me just for the fame. she liked me for my talent, and i appreciated that.

she spoke a sentence, faintly, and quietly.

"i thought you said you'd never date a fan."

i looked at her and laughed. i crossed my arms. "yeah, i wouldn't, but you aren't a fan of my fame, you're a fan of my talent." she laughed, as she flashed a white smile.

"you know, you're not stuck-up like most celebrities, finn." i grasped her hand and she squeezed mine.

i looked at millie. "we both like people with brown eyes, huh?"

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