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"this is good." millie had just payed for the white chocolate latte she held in her hands. she usually went for a vanilla latte with two brown sugars, but i guess she swapped up her routine today.

"finn you've been so nice. i-" i did what i had wanted to do. i leaned in and laid my lips on hers. she didn't try to break it, instead she kissed back.

"wow millie i like you a latte." she giggled. she honestly tried to make it seem like it was at least a bit funny.

"you're not funny, finn, but i love you so i won't try to make a difference."

"aw i love you too, millie. we will always be together, i won't let us break." i promised her, lacing my fingers with her.

"this world," she tightened her grip on my hand. "is ours. i love you." she kissed me, and i kissed back.

"it's ours. and always will be."

we exited the starbucks, and millie gasped. "finn, we need to go." she pleaded.

i didn't understand. "millie... why?" she dragged me. there was someone chasing us. we finally made it outside.

she pulled me into a dumpster. "okay we're safe, call a taxi."

my eyes widened. "millie who is that damn person?" i whisper screamed. she hesitated.

"well... it's my dad. he hates me, heaven knows why. he's been out to get me since our parents' divorce." i sighed.

"the taxi is here. we gotta run." we exited the dumpster quietly and sprinted into the taxi.

"sir, we need you to drive."

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