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the uber pulled up to the carnival. "mills, we're here." she had nearly fallen asleep in the backseat.

"okay, can you buy the tickets?" she asked, sitting on a blue bench. i wore some sunglasses hoping not to be noticed.

an 11 year old tapped me on the shoulder. "oh my god!! are you finn wolfhard?" i spoke in an irish accent trying to cover up.

"no, lassie. the name be... um... shamus." i stuttered.

"oh sorry to bother ya, mister!" she turned around and sadly sighed. she must've been hoping it really was me.

i dashed over to millie. she had the same girl taking a pic with her. "hey mill-" my accent broke once i noticed the girl screaming.

"OMG! you are finn!!" she yelped.

i sighed, finally having to participate. i signed an autograph and took a photo. "if you don't tell anyone who i am, i'll follow you on instagram." the girl nodded, writing down her user.

she skipped away happily. "okay millie, what do you wanna ride first?" i asked.

she pointed happily at the spinning doom. "are you sure?" my eyes widened. when i was three, i threw up on that ride. she smirked and nodded.

i paid the man, entering the ride.

"millie, this ride- WHOA!!" it spun really fast, fast enough to stick me to the wall.

"finn, isn't this fun?" she smiled widely.

"uh sure, fuunnn." i nervously screamed.

the ride stopped and millie almost fell on me. "weeeeew!!" she laughed.

"millie that ride was... yeah. i'll pick next." i pointed to the giant pirate ship that rocks back and forth.

"that's fun!" she dragged me. i eagerly paid the man. we strapped ourselves in,  and grabbed onto the bars.

it went really high, but it wasn't too scary, so millie and i could still have a normal conversation.

"what do you wanna do after this?" i loudly spoke, trying to get her to hear me.

"funnel cake." she yelled, throwing her hands up while in the air.

the ride began to slow down and we slid to the ends of our seats.

"it's... lit."

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