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we sat on the couch, and millie ate a popsicle. "hey, finn, can we go shopping tomorrow?"

i looked at her. "sure, we can go to the mall. aeropostale is having a sale." i smiled.

she smiled. she nestled her head into my arm. "you know, finn, i didn't fall in love with you for the fame." she giggled. i was genuinely shocked, considering that sums up most of my fans.

"i love you, mills." she looked up at me.

"you too, finny boi." i tackled her with a pillow.

"ooh, it's on..." we laughed.


we tackled each other with pillows, until falling asleep. in the dead of morning, my phone buzzed with an alarm.

"finn," i nudged his arm and whispered. "psst... finnnn! can we go to the mall? it's 10 AM!" he sleepily yawned, waking up.

"oh, yea, sure. let me get ready first." he walked away. i hadn't really changed clothes in the past few days...

"finn can i borrow a sweatshirt?" i asked, since it was cold. he nodded, grabbing one from his closet.

"here, use this one."

he threw a grey sweatshirt my way that said "work hard, play hard, wolfhard." i smiled. it was his fundraiser t-shirt, that he sold for the good cause.

he walked out in a green shirt and jeans. "we going to the mall or what?" he had already called an uber driver, and we stood by the door. it pulled up.

"okay, millie. i give you a small budget of... well... let's say $1,000." i gasped. that was a lot of money. 

"thanks, finn. you don't have to..." he shushed me. he must've wanted to or something.

"ah, it's okay, mills. we're here by the way..." i gazed at the white brick building. it was like five of finn's houses. combined. "like it?"

"oh my god finn, this is amazing." i smirked at him. "or should i say... it's lit."

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