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everyone knew me as the one to say, "I'll never date a fan." i've seen too many memes mocking me on this. it's true, it'd be too bad for the publicity. too much "finn foxsoft who?" and whatnot gets on my nerves. after a while, dealing with it gets easier, but between fanpages, and love songs, i can't even deal.

"finn! just the man we wanted to see!" matt duffer approached me, arms wide open.

"hey matt. another meet and greet today, huh?" i shrugged and he looked at me concerningly. i was dissapointed, because it meant another 200+ love letters. i can't even begin to count how many people asked me to marry them at these types of events. some even ask me to sign their foreheads. oh, what a fangirl will do.

i sat at the booth, along with my castmates from the show, weirder things (this isn't a reference to stranger things pshhhhh.) noah sat aside me. the first girl in line for the meet and greet was really pretty. but then, i remembered she was probably insane.

"oh, hi finn. i'm a big fan of your work. you're really talented." she seemed really chill so far. she had a strong british accent, and short hair. her bracelet being worn on her wrist read 'millie.'

"oh hi. thank you. your bracelet says millie. i take it that's your name?" i tried to play it cool. i usually wasn't the one to make goo-goo eyes over a fan, but she seemed chill. she brushed her hair behind her ears an laughed.

"yeah, it's millie. i was really excited when my mom told me that i could come meet you, considering my family doesn't have a lot of money." i blushed. she would spend all of this money, to meet a sadsack like me. not to mention, most chill fan i'd ever seen.

"yeah, i was really surprised when you turned out not to be an insane psychotic fan. like most all of them.. say, you're kinda cool. c-can i get your number?" i stuttered, looking hopefully at her. her face lit up.

"oh yeah.. sure." she blushed. i handed her my phone and she added it in. i saw matt & ross on the other side of the booth.

"hurry up, finn." they nudged me. i snapped a selfie with millie, and she walked away. here's to a glorious day.


that wasn't real, was it? inside, my stomach was doing flips, and soaring to the moon. i met with my mum, after she went to meet david harbour, her favorite actor. her face was filled with glorious light. i decided not to mention what happened with finn, because she'd go on about her casual lecture.

everytime i like a boy, there's nonstop backlash from my mum about "oh, millie, you're only 12! much too young to like boys yet!" when that news was entirely false, considering my best friend, jamie, had a boyfriend since year 5.

i honest to none loved my mum, but when was the time when she would finally start letting me have freedom?

especially, when it involves finn wolfhard.

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