LXI- The Branding Ceremony?

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I know you guys want to read more than one update at a time, but it's slightly rude when you comment for me to update as soon as I have updated a chapter. The speed it takes to read and write is completely different. What takes 5 minutes to read can take 5 days to write. I love reading comments of support and they make me want to upload faster, but it annoys me slightly when people tell me to update again immediately after reading a newly updated chapter. It takes a long time to write chapters and I can't just conjure one up in half an hour. Please bare that in mind.


"What's is like?" Olivia asked as Indianna sat down on her towel and dried herself off.


"The kiss. I've always wondered what kissing underwater is like," Olivia admitted.

"I guess you'll have to wait and find out with Janson," Indianna smiled.

Olivia went red and she hurriedly shook her head. "N-no!"

Indianna chuckled. "You seemed to be having fun earlier. I think you might've smiled at him instead of glaring."

"Shut up," Olivia grumbled and she glanced at Indianna's wrist. "That's really pretty."

Indianna looked at the charm bracelet and smiled. "Greyson gave it to me."

"What's the occasion?"

"My birthday. Today."

"Today!" Olivia gasped. "Oh god, happy birthday!"

"Thanks," Indianna smiled and played with the bracelet.

"I'm sorry that you had to deal with me on today of all days," Olivia said softly.

"Don't be," Indianna said kindly. "I'm glad I could help you and Janson."

Olivia squirmed uncomfortably at Janson's name and laid back on the towel. She looked up at Indianna and frowned when she looked at her thigh. "You're Greyson's Luna aren't you?"

"Yes," Indianna nodded.

"So you've completed the mating process? He's marked you? And you've had sex?"

Indianna blushed at Olivia's forwardness, but nodded. "Yes."

"Where's your brand?" Olivia questioned.

"My what?" Indianna frowned.

"The branding mark of your pack," Olivia explained. "Every pack member has to have the brand. It's like when a guy marks his mate, but a pack version. It shows what pack you belong too."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Indianna admitted.

"So Greyson hasn't told you?" Olivia gasped. "It's a pretty serious ceremony in the werewolf world. I'm surprised you don't know about it."

"Ceremony?" Indianna murmured and thought back to when Ellie, the girl that they had rescued, had mentioned something called a branding ceremony. "I've heard of the branding ceremony, but I never knew what it was."

"Whenever a new wolf joins a pack they aren't a full member until the branding ceremony. It's when you are given the pack brand. The whole pack is present and participates. It's a pretty barbaric ceremony to be honest, especially for high ranking wolves," Olivia said quietly.

"Barbaric?" Indianna repeated. "What do you mean?"

"You seriously don't know?" Olivia frowned and she gulped when she realised that she might've accidentally revealed something that Greyson was purposely not telling Indianna.

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