Arrving In The Volturra

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Bella P.O.V

"Y-y-your'e th-the vol-volturi!" I gullped terrified.

"Bella, it's ok we aren't going to kill you, we're here to take you back to the Volturra with us," A female said. I'm assuming it was jane.

"No you need to kill me," I begged starting to cry.

"I think she is going crazy, when someone see's a Volturi member they are usually begging for their life," One of the boys chuckled.

"Maybe we should get some food into your system," A guy said.

"No," I refused.

"Bella, please don't fight us. You are going to lose. You know that. You lived with vampires for who knows how many years," Someone snapped at me, a guy.

"I'm not hungry," I argued.

"Bella how long have you been out in the woods?" Jane asked.

"I... I do't know, three maybe four days," I said trying not to cry. God I wish they would stop making me suffer. Put me out of my misery.

As if on cue my stomach growled, and I know that not only me heard.

"You are we clearly just heard your stomch call 'I need food,'" another guy mimicked.

I lost the war and ate something.


"So bella what do you want to do for the next 3 hours?" Jane asked.

Its 11 hour flight from Forks Washington to Volturra Italy.

"I have no idea, but I Am bored out of my mind," I groaned. "I gotta pee."

I got up an went to the bathroom.

The jet was quite nice. Big fancy and comfy.

When I got to the bathroom I pulled out my phone. Its only 3:49. Sigh.

I have so many missied calls from my dad.

I eneded up sleeping the rest of the trip.


"Bella, wake up," An angel said shaking me.

"Alec let her sleep," Jane murmured

I drifted back to sleep

Sorry i havnt updated forever but i got busy and then i was updating and it all deleted so im sorry if its kind of short :/

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