Human pleasure

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Alec held me tight... Holding me close. Why do I love him so much!!!

"Shh.... Its ok baby, relax. I wont let anyone touch you," he whispers softly in my ear. "Let me make you feel better," Alec says kissing my neck. That sent chills down my spine.

Alec pulled me onto his lap and started to kiss me deeply.

I pulled away. "Alec... Im not sure if i can do this," i sqy wearily.

Alec kisses me on the neck again "cmon let me make you feel better," he says once again.

I sighed

Alec kissed my neck more. "what are you scared of?" He aske.

"The leaders..." I admit embarassed.

He moved to my cheek "why are you scared of them?" He asked kissing my cheek again.

"T-th-they just s-sc-scare me," I said. My heart pounding from his kisses.

I sighed and he stroked my hair. I still had tears in my eyes.

Alec started heading towards my lips and kissed me. He licked my lips asking for premission to enter. I slowly parted my lips. His tounge swirled around mine. Eventually he pulled away "Let me make you feel better Bella," he said looking into my eyes.

"Ok Alec," i say and i kiss him.

Alec vampirespeeds and lays me on the bed. I gasp from the sudden movement.

He smiled and started to kiss me again. I parted my lips as he pulled my tounge into his mouth.

I slightly moaned.

He smiled a bit. He kept kissing for a few minutes before he sat me up to take of my shirt. I had goosebumps.

"Are you scared now?" He asks kissing right above my breasts.

"No... Not anymore. Im too destracted to be scared," i admit slyly.

"Then my plan is working," he said and moved his hands to behind my back touching my bra clasp.

I got goosebumps ad chills.

Alec chuckled a little and undid my bra and threw it aside.

I was getting nurvous and i stiffened up.

"Whats wrong?" He asked with a concerned look on his face.

"I-im not sure i can do this Alec... Im... I cant do this at the moment... I just cant..." I say covering my upper half of my body with a blanket.

Alec lissed my cheek. "0k baby... Im not gonna push you. Just let me know when you are ready," he says an kissed me quickly on the lips.

"Can we take a walk... I really dont want to stay here all day," i say putting on my bra. Then my shirt.

"Sure... Any particular place?" He asked.

"No... Just around town... Please!! I dont want to be here at the moment..." I say starting to think about my dream again.

"Anything for you baby. When do you want to leave?" He asks.

"After i take a shower,"

"Do you want me to join?"

"No... I really just need a human moment..."

"Ill be waiting!"

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