What Happened In There??

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"Get a room!" Jane said laughing.

"By the way Jane we are in a room!" I said through my teeth.

"Then get a different room, What happened after I left Alec?" Jane asked bouncing up an down.

Alec leaned away from be to take a look at Jane.

"It's really confusing," Alec said.

"We here. I wanna know everything, detales. And with you bella WHAT HAPPENED!!!" Jane squelled.

"Is she like this all the time?" I asked.

"I'm afraid so," Alec said trying to hide a laugh.

"Oh brother," I said rolling my eyes and flopping down on the bed.

"You gonna be stuck with me for life," Jane said smirking evily.

"Oh no!" I said so sarcasticly.

"See things will get better Bella," Alec said.

"Mmm," I said

"Now what happened you two!!" Jane asked.

"Well, uhh...." I stared at the celing blankly not knowing what to say.

"Go on. No one is here to get you introuble," Jane said. "Unless your'e scared."

"No... I just can't fund the exact words to use," I said concentrating.

"So lets see. What dud Marcus ask you to do, or what did he talk to you about?"

"Mostly about Mates," I said summing everything up.

"No!! I need detales!!!" Jane whined.

"Fine, we talked about Alec being my true mate and Edward being my False mate. Then, how Alec's decisions are just as important as mine. And a few other odds and ends stuff," I said thinking it all through. Not trying to give too many detales.

"There is more than that," Jane said pushing me to tell more.

"Fine. I got really confused when he started talking mates I got confused. True mates, false mates, what!! Alec's decisions may decide my life or death. I completlely got lost there. Talked about Didyme, and Aro," I said gasping for air. "Good enough?"

"Fair enough. Doesnt tell me exactaly everything though," Jane said pouting.

"Well thats all I got Jane!" I said exasperated.

"UGH! It's good... For now. Now on to you Alec," Jane squeeled.

I was actually fully paying attention because I wanted to know what they ment 'it might mean life or deaty'

"So well after Bella left with Marcus, Aro pulled me into is office and talking about Bella being my mate. I had a decision to make. Stay here or Leave with bella and not be a part of the Volturi any more," Alec paused.

"Alec, what did you say," Jane whispered feebly.

"I said. If I chose to leave would Jane beable to come with me. Aro said, 'When Jane finds her mate she will beable to leave. But if you choose to stay and Jane chooses to leave you wont

beable to stay," Alec said.

"Alec, what ever you choose I will accept. And if you chose to stay I will never, ever leave you," Jane said hugging Alec.

I sat up.

"Alec, what did you chose," I said nurvously. Aro only wanted power.

"I chose to stay," Alec whispered.

Relif came over me.

Would Aro actully kill me if Alec chose differently?


There was some suspention.

What do you think will happen when Bella reveles the truth to Alec about why she was so stressed to relived.

What should I do for the next chapter.

Can get to 200 votes 20 comments and 4000 reads??

Ill update soonish



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