Jane's Room

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I turned on the light of the house. They flickered, but turned on. The furniture was all dusty. Where am I?

I closed my eyes. I'm at the Cullens. My eyes flashed one and I saw myself sitting by Esme and Carlisle.

"Hey Bells, I'm bored," Emment yelled from upstairs.

This is De Ja Vu.

"Get out of there!" I screamed. I doubt they heard me.

"Hey Carlisle, did you hear something?" Esme asked softly.

"No, why?" Carlisle asked.

"Just wondering. I thought I heard something." Esme said .

Carlisle shrugged.

Everything started going black and white. Fire lit the room up. Everyone started screaming.

"Esme!" I screamed. I tryed running towards her to get her out of the fire but a pair of strong firm hand held me back.

"Stop!!!! LET GO OF ME!!!" I screamed at whoever was holding me back.

A big man with white hair stepped infront of me.

"STOP!!" I yelled

A hand went around my neck. I couldnt breath. I am going to die


I shot up, sweat dripping. Thank God it was just a dream.

Wait, where am I?

Someone walked in.

"Oh, it's finally god to see that you are up." Jane sad emotionlessly.

"J..Jane... Where am I?" I asked. Man, I sounded like crap.

Jane flinched. "You are in my room. Come on do you want to take a shower?"

I nodded.

"You look really pale, are you alright?" Jane asked sitting down on the bed.

I shook my head and started to cry.

"Awe Bella, its ok. What's wrong?" Jane asked outing her hand on my leg.

"He he just left me there in the woods. They probably never even cared for me!!!" I yelled. My voice cracked every time I said a word.

"Bella, he might not have cared for you. Ed.. He probably just wanted you as a pet, but now I can promise that things will get better," Jane said generously.

"Wait, how did you know i was in the woods?" I breathed.

"Well five days ago Edward came in here asking for his death. He said 'He hurt you to many times,'" Jane said mimicking Him.

"Then why didn't you kill me. Isn't there a law that says no human should now about the existence of vampires?" I asked trying not to cry.

"Ohh, Aro will explain later. Now before my brother tracks us down, I need to get you showered."

I agreed with Jane I did need a shower. I probably really stunk after three or four days out in the woods and then who knows how long I have been asleep.

Jane took me to her bathroom. The shower was fantastic, the nice hot water soaking my hair and relaxing my tense muscles.

After I got out of the shower Jane handed me some clothes. She gave me a black dress that stopped right above my knees.

I brushed my hair and put it in a high pony tail. Then I brushed my teeth like three or four times.

"My brother likes you," Jane said to me as I walked out into the rest of her room.

"Yeah, I could tell he kept staring at me on the jet," I smiled. "He is cute though."

Jane laughed. "Yeah he is."

For the first time in the week I cracked a smile.

"Your voice sounds really bad," Jane pointed out.

"Yeah, can I have some food and water please," I asked politely.

"Sure, Alec can you get Bella some food," Jane yelled; well it wasn't really yelling it was more like talking loudly.

Two minutes later Alec came in with a sandwich and a water bottle.

"You look... Amazing," Alec said handing the sandwich to me.

Of corse I blushed.

"Thanks," I said staring at Alec stupidly.

Jane chuckled which made me blush even more.

Alec was staring at me a full gorgeous smile on his lips.

I saw a sparkle in his eyes

I'm in love with Alec.

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