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"It should be any time now," Aro says to alec

"What if she doesnt wake up?!" alec says frightened

"Alec relax," aro says frowning. "Shell wake up. Dont you hear. Her heart is slowing,"

Alec listens. "How long Aro?" Alec asks.

"Just depends," aro responds.

Bellas heart stopped.

"Bella... Can you hear me?" Alec asked Bella.

Bellas eyes fluttered open. Her eyes were now blood red but there was a blue tint to her eyes.

"IT.... Was.... Caius!!! He did this to me!!!!" Bella immeadently started crying. There was actual tears coming out of her eyes? But vampires cant cry you thought. Something reader was wrong with Bella. Bella was a special vampire. She was the most powerfulist vampire in history. But reader Bella did not know that.

"Bella what are you talking about?" Alec and Aro asked at the same time.

"Aro... Alec... It was caius who did this to me. He..." Bella paused when she was now sobbing. "Aro read my mind it was Caius who made me likr this,"

Aro and Alec were quite alarmed by Bellas sudden outburst. But Aro took Bellas hand.

"Bella calm down. Youre safe now. I wont let anyone else ever hurt you. If any one hurts you. I will personally tear them from limb to limb," Alec says very darkly.

Bella was still crying. And sobbing trying to calm down but she couldnt.

"Everything she says is true..." Aro says shocked. "I cant belivr he would go this low. I know he can be an asshole but to you. I cant believe ths!!!!!" Aro hissed.

Alec growled "I WILL FUCKING KILL HIM!!!" Alec growls very pissrd off

Bella was worse now she was sobbing and crying she wad now crying blood.

Blood? Yes blood.

"Alec..." Aro says looking at Bella. Aro whipes Bellas tears with a single finger. He sniffs it "Blood,"

Alec's head snapped to Bella. "Whats comming out of her eyes?" He asks


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