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"Mates?" I asked.

"Mates," Marcus confirmed.

"I thought it was true," Alec muttered under his breath.

"But I thought that Edward and I were mates?" I wondered. I cringed when I

heard his name.

"Hmm, but when Edward was here..." Marcus trailed off. "Aro may I talk to Bella and explain a few things?"

"Sure," Aro shrugged. "I also want to talk to Alec about a few of his decisions."

Marcus got up and walked over to me. I looked at Caius. I felt like Someone was staring at me. He was glaring at me. This is going to take some time to get used to.

I let go of Alec's hand and followed Marcus into this immense room. It was a library.

"This is beautiful," I commented astonished.

"Yes, this is the library," Marcus said sitting in a chair. "Take a seat."

I sat down by Marcus.

"Well as you know Edward left you. When he said that you were his mate, I had this feeling why would you leave your mate. If you have a mate you never would want to leave him," Marcus paused.

"Then why did he leave me?" I asked trying not to tear up.

Marcus handed me a tissue, "That is exactly what I asked. He answered Iv'e hurt her too many times," Marcus paused.

"You didn't know I was a human?" I asked.

"No," Marcus frowned.

"You said Alec was my mate, but then why did Edward and I think we were mates?" I asked confused.

"Dear, here is the thing. You and Edward were never actually mates. He probably just had really strong feelings for you because you were his first actual girl who he liked," Marcus paused so I could take it all in.

"So then we were all wondering what he ment by 'he hurt you too many times,' so he explained everything that happened. Aro didnt want to kill him because Edward was too powerful. I realized that after Edward told us this I knew that you guys were false mates," Marcus finished.

"But you left Edward alive?" I asked.

"Ahh, yes, Aro thought that you and Edward were mates, so his punishment was knowing that his mate is dead," Marcus answered.

"Why did you keep quite till now?" I asked.

"Well when Caius go mad that Aro was keeping you alive and Alec growled I ha to say it because Caius was going to kill both you and Alec," Marcus said trying to explain it to me as best as he could.

"Do I have two mates?" I asked shocked.

"No, false mates. Alec is your true mate. False mates are when you think that you love someone and they are like your mate but they aren't actually your mate. Alec is your true mate, he knew it when he first touched you or first laid eyes on you. Alec will do anything to protect you. Be a friend when you need one. Love you like a real mate should. He would never hurt you," Marcus stopped when he saw my eyes were wide open from shock. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah...I just thought... we were... I dont know?" I babbled on.

"I'm sure you will understand when you become a vampire," Marcus assured.

I gulped.

"It's the only way you will be able to stay alive, if you choose not to become a vampire Aro will most likely kill you. Yet again even i you do choose to become a vampire Aro could still kill you," Marcus sighed.

"What?!" I yelled trying not to freak out.

"Thats what happened with me, I wanted to leave the Volturi when i found Didyme, Aro killed her so I had no choice but to stay," Marcus explained.

"I-I'm so sorry Marcus. Why did Aro do that?" I asked. I will never think of Aro the same again.

"He just wants power. Ever since I lost my mate, I haven't been the same," Marcus said depressed.

"That's not fair," I whispered.

Marcus nodded "I know."

"Does everyone else know how she was murdered?" I asked.

"No, Aro said it was a stray vampire attacker. Ever since then Aro had all the wives locked away in their own tower," Marcus sighed deeply.

I shook my head "That's not how you are supposed to treat your mate!"

"Oh O know! I tried to talk Aro out of it but he says its way to dangerous," Marcus agreed.

There was a loud knock on the door, which made me jump, a lot

Marcus twitched a smile. "It's just Alec,"

I smiled.

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