A Death Of A Leader

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I growled at Caius as he walked into the room and I lunged.

"WHY IN THE FUCK DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!" I scream. My body was still on fire. I was flamed litterally pissed off and flamed with flames!!

"You were a threat," Caius yelled he began to set on fire

"You do not want to piss me off right now... Wait You already did!!!" I snarl at Caius, as I start to throw fire balls at him. Almost hitting him every time. He was cornered. I'm glad he couldnt doge them. He deserved a painful horrible death. I can't wait to kill this bastered. I dont care if I get punished or not. I just want him DEAD!!!

"Caius... Is this true. Did you do this to her?" Alec growled Alec wanted him dead as much as I did too.

Other gaurds stood there in shock.

I Throw Caius to the ground and made sure he stayed down by stepping on his chest.

"Why did you do this to me!!" I yelled tears of blood dripping onto caius's face.

"Bella... Cool, I did this for you. You would have become a vampire anyway," he smirked trying to push me off. I could see the anger in his eyes, with a slight hint of defete. He was going to die today.

Alec stepped in. "if you EVER touch my mate again I will personally rip every single thing off of you while I make you watch," he said ripping off his arm.

"Alec move!!" I screamed as fire balls started to come out of my hands.

Alec moved and dropped caius's arm. I threw balls of fire at caius. Setting him on fire.

Caius screamed. I kept throwing fire balls at him. "Dont ever touch me again!!" I scream as his body goes up in flames slowly and painfully turning into ashes.

I suddenly collapsed. From weakness passing out.


I walked into Bellas and Alecs room. I smirked when I saw my new creation

"WHY IN THE FUCK DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!" Bella screamed her body was engulged with flames.

This is a deffanate plus.

"Stupid girl!! You were a threat!!" I snapped at my creation. After all I have done for her. I turn her into this beautiful magnificent creature and all she does is scream and yell at me! How rude. I was getting more pissed off. I tried to stay calm, but that was out of the option.

"You do not want to piss me off right now... Oh wait you already did!!" He smirked and she started to throw flames at me.

Flames started to burn my clothing. "Stop!! Put the flames out!!! Dont just stand there and do nothing.... Do something!!!" I screamed at the rest of the people in the room.

Alec was clearly pissed off. He started walking towards me. "Is this true that you did this to my Bella?!?!?" He said through his teeth.

The fire started to get to my skin. It burns. "Put the fire out!!!" I screamed tearing my clothing off hoping that it would stop the burning. How can I get set on fire so quickly!!!

"No! You deserve to die a firey death," Bella glared at me smirking walking over to me. She thew a wildfire out of her hands scorching me.

I let out a bloddy scream. I wasnt giving up. Bella deserved to get punished. "STOP!!!" I screamed trying my best to get up and attack bella.

Bella instantly threw me to the ground. No one could stop her. I was going to die. She stepped on my chest making sure I didnt get up. My body in flames. This torture. It felt like I was being changed all over again. But istead of the inside it was on the out.

I wish she would just kill me already. I know I'm going to die. Being burnt to death isnt a fun way to die. I faded happy to be dead. Better than being alive suffering from burns. I became ashes within the next few minutes. Then I was gone. Just like that.

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