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This chapter is dedicated to @TerriVessey

Caius requested that he saw me immeadently. I will admit i am scared of caius. I walked into the throne room. Only caius was there.

"Well i see you got my inventation," caius hissed.

I knew something was off.

Caius walked over to me and put his hand under my chin. He forced me too look at him in the eye.

"Wh-what d-do yo-you want w-with me," i stuttered knowing this wasnt going to be a friendly conversation.

"Oh... Youll find out soon," caius taunted.

"You cant hurt me," i said trying to back up.

"Haha really," caius said amused.

I backed up into someone.

That someone grabbed my arms and pinned them behind my back. I closed me eyes. "Make it quick," i yellped.

Caius laughed. "Ohhh.... You though i was gonna kill you!!!" Caius laughed.

I started struggling. "Let go of me!!!" I yelled.

"If you say so," the person said. I reconized who it was... It was edward.

He threw me into caius's arms. I cried in pain when he threw me across the room. My leg was broken for sure.

"Something wrong?" Caius asked walking over to me.

"I-i k-know y-you d-dont c-care!!!" I yell trying not to scream.

"You are right i dont," he said stepping on my broken leg.

"FUCK!!!! STOP!!!!" I scream.

Alec came running in. "Caius stop!!!" He yelled attacking caius.

I scream knowing my leg is now crushed.

Edward came over to me and threw me across the room. "You cant take both of us at the same time," edward said to alec.

Alec growled and used his power to cut off edwards scences.

Aro came in and went to me. "G-get a-away f-from m-me!!" I said trying to get away from aro.

"Im not gonna hurt you," aro said looking at my leg.

"It hurts!!!!" I cried.

Aro nodded. "Its not gonna heal, we are gonna have to change you," aro said.

Alec walked over to me after he ripped appart caius.

Alec bit me.


I woke up "NO!!" I screamed.

Alec looked at me and squeezed my had.

"Bella, what happened," alec asked trying to calm me down.

"Caius..... Edward.... My leg...." I panted looking at my leg. It was swollen from the fall.

Alec holds me tight. "Shhhh.... Its ok,"

I cry on alec untill i fall back asleep.


So there is that chapter!!! I hope you liked it!!! Comment tell me what you think, what i should do next, or if i should change anything. - haley

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