The Aftermath

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Bella cooled off, the flames on her body extinguished. The look of horror on her face once she saw what she has done.

"I...I'm..." She couldnt even finish her words. She stumbled back to someone. Bella wasnt really aware of what was going on. Her hearing has become impaired.

Everyone was calling her name. Nobody wanted to scare her, she had done the impossible, infact she is impossible. Yet again everything is possible. But this is the rarest thing anyone has ever seen.

Bella colapsed to the floor. She was in shock. 'I cant belive I did this' she thought. Her body was shaking.

"Bella," Aro said taking a step towards her. His hand was out infront of him.

They were all concerned. Aro took another steady step towards her.

She cringed into the wall, terrified.

"I-i Killed him..." Her shakey voice let out a low whisper.

"Bella calm down," Aro said taking another step closer.

"Dont come near me!" Bella said cringing into the wall even more.

She wanted to run away. Her eyes quickly scanned ways for to escape. The others in the room caught on to what she was trying to do, and they formed a semi-circle around her so she couldnt escape.

She closed her eyes. And blood streemed down her cheeks. "What have I done,"

"Bella you need to calm down... Youre okay," Alec said stepping forward hoping to help Bella.

"alec! Dont come near me... I dont want to hurt you," she whimpered.

"Bella listen to us, just take a minute. Youre okay, you arent hurt, just breathe," Alec said kneeling infront of her and taking her hand.

"Oh god, your trembling horribly," alec said and he slowly pulled her into a hug and held her securly.

"See your okay, its okay," he said softly into her ear, soothing her.

"Im scared," cried harder.

No one knew what to say, or do. She wad a leathal vampire. One wrong move and they all could be dead.

"Im here, shh, its okay," he
Said soothing her even more.

Bella eventually calmed down. She looked at everyone in the room. Felix Demetri, Marcus, Jane, Chelsea, Aro, and the dead Caius.

"Im so sorry.... He... He just... He hurt me... I... Im sorry," she whispered and looked down. She was embarassed that she couldnt hold back.

"Bella we know this will be hard but you need to tell us what happened," Aro said looking down at her.

Alec still had his arms securly wraped around Bella.

"He... He.... Someone.... When i went out.... He... I went.... There was this park i went to... To clear my mind.... Someone came up to me.... He.... He was a vampire....pinned me down.... C-ai-caius steped out... They tryed to kill me. He... The other guy cut of my air... I was choking... I just... They... I-i-i they," Bella was trembling and hurting on the inside she couldn't continue with her words.

No one really understood what she said.

"Bella what happened, a little bit clearer," Aro said

Bella took a deep breath. "After i left the castle, I walked to a near by park," she paused and took a shaky breath. "It was full of vampires, Ididn't know at first until one male came towards me," her hands were now trembling. Another shaky breath she took. "He started to talk about how i was with vampire... I couldnt think, and i was being stupid and I told him I was with you guys.." Felix cut her off.

"How was Caius involved with this?" He asked.

Bella closed her eyes. "I'm getting there. Caius was there all along. I was not sure what his plan was but i knew that it wasn't good. The guy he was teasing me. Trying to kill me, choking me, scaring me, everything. I was sure he was going to kill me. Then Caius came up and was telling about stuff I cant really remember," Bella said blood red tears were slipping out of her closed eyes. "I was so scared... I couldn't take it anymore. I called out for help but i only got a hand covering my mouth. I wanted to be dead then being tortured. I said something on the lines of 'just kill me already' and they were just teasing me more. And then he bit me," she said wiping her eyes.

"Why am I like this... Why am I crying.... Blood.... Why can i set myself on fire," she said. A few moments later small lit flames were on her palms of her hands.

"I don't know, we will figure this out Bella, we will," Aro said with a concerned look. I fact he didnt know if he could ever figure out this. 'What can she do' came through his mind many times.

"Maybe we can call a former member... Eleazar," Demetri suggested.

"Ahh that is a great idea," aro said smiling.

"Now Bella lets get you cleaned up, and maybe a little hunting," Aro said.

Bella nodded quickly. She was very thirsty.

"Aro I'll help her get cleaned up," Jane said and appeared at bella's side.

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