Blood? Whats wrong with me!

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"B-blood..." I asked

"Blood," Aro repeted.

"Whats wrong with me!!" I yelled freaking out. Crying harder, more blood comming out of my eyes.

"Bella, you need to calm down... We will figure this out," Aro said sitting on the bed.

I brought my hand up to my eyes to wipe it. I looked at my hands. "AHHHH!!!" I screamed. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!" I screamed louder than ever.

Both Alec and Aro cringed as i screamed.

"What the fuck is wrong with me!!!" I screamed again.

"Bella...." Alec says slowly like as if he was shocked.

"Your... Glowing," Aro said just as shocked at Alec was.

The both looked at me. Alec reached his hand out to me to hold my hand.

I grabbed his hand

"Bella l-let go!!" He winces in pain.

All of a sudden my body went into flames.

I screamed as i saw flames engulf me.

More gaurds ran up into the room

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!" Everyone yelled, everyone being Jane, and the other leaders.

Caius smirked and started walking towards me. "Well looks like our little Bella has powers,"

"Get the hell away from me," I yelled standing in attack mode, my body still in flames.

"I dont think that is possible Bella," Caius smirks.

I lunged at Caius

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