More Powers?

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"I will too," Alec said looking at Bella. Bella was just so so scared.

'What monster have I become' Bella thought shaking her head. Jane looked at Bella and sat next to her.

"Its okay Bella we will take care of you," she said putting her arm around Bella.

"No Alec, I need to speak to you," Aro said looking at Bella, the to Jane, then back to Alec.

Alec hesitated but then nodded. "Take care of Bella," Alec said softly.

"I will," Jane said nodding.

Everyone started to go out of the room. "Jane.... I'm a monster...." Bella breathed out, she put her head in her hands shaking her head.

"No, no you're not," Jane said shaking her head. "You are just someone that we haven't seen yet. You are unique," Jane said trying to reassure Bella, even though Jane thought that Bella was the most powerful vampire in history, she could be a lethal monster if she wanted to be. She might be an untamed beast at the moment but she wasn't a monster. Jane thought.

Jane helped Bella up. She was an utter mess. Blood all over, tears of blood.

"You need to feed Bella," Jane said "I'll have someone get you some blood," she said.

Bella instantly shook her head no. "I don't want to kill anyone," She whispered looking down. It was a vampires instinct to drink blood, human blood, but Bella, didn't want any blood... well not human blood anyway. "I don't want to kill humans... I don't want to be a monster," She shook her head.

"Bella, listen to me; you aren't a monster, your special, don't you see that?" Jane said looking at Bella gently. "Just because you feed off of humans and kill them, doesn't make you a monster," She said shaking her head. Jane thought for a moment, then a thought came into her mind. "Close you eyes... Clear your mind," She said standing right in front of me. "What do you feel?" Jane whispered in Bella's ear.

"I-I I feel, I want blood," She said, her natural vampire instincts were finally showing. "I want blood," She said again but more dark, and serious, sounding scary.

"That's my girl," Jane said and pulled Bella into a hug. "Lets go get someone to feed off," Jane said. Something inside Jane stirred. Feelings, emotions, new things for her. 'Whats going on?' Jane thought to herself. She instantly snapped out of it, she knew that Bella needed her right now, so she pushed her problem away and focused on Bella. Jane sighed.

Bella opened her eyes, she looked scared. "But I don't want to hurt anyone else," She whispered.

"Bella, you need to know that killing Caius was the right thing to do. He was  fucktard, and everyone hated him in the first place," She said "Its okay to kill," Jane said also trying to reassure Bella that what she did was the right choice, It might not be okay but she made the right choice.

She sighed. "I know Jane," She said still hesitant. "Just get me some blood... Make sure they are already dead... Please," Bella said.

Jane nodded. "Okay," she sighed in defeat and ran out, Bella never specified how they died, so she went around trying to find the people who look unimportant to anyone. Jane couldn't find anyone but luckily she did find someone, a human, who knew about vampires, and  the Voluri. Jane brought her back first before killing her. She begged for her life, but it was to late, She snapped the girls neck and brought her limp body back to Bella.

"She is so young," Bella croaked out. "She didn't deserve to die Jane!" Bella looked sad, for a vampire she was terribly sensitive.

"You have been with the cullens to long," Jane said and glared at the ground thinking of them with there 'vegetarian' diet.

"I know... I should've known all along that vampires and humans don't mix. I'm stupid for thinking that it was going to work out," Bella murmured under her breath.

Jane sighed, "Just forget about them, they are out of your life now, and they wont ever be in there life again."

Bella looked at the lifeless girl on the floor. "She didn't have to die," She whispered.

"Actually, she did, she knew about vampires... and us," Jane sighed. "To make it fair I made it quick," She said. "She didn't suffer for too long."

Bella shook her head and picked the girl up, the body was still warm. "I'm sorry," Bella whispered in the girl's ear, even though she couldn't hear Bella, she thought it was right to say sorry.

Jane sighed when she heard Bella apologize the the dead girl.

Bella quickly drained the girl. That didn't satisfy Bella's thirst. "Why am I still thirsty," she groaned letting the girl drop. "What do you do with the bodies?" She asked looking away from the girl.

"Burn them," Jane groaned as she knew Bella wasn't going to let that happen.

"Please, return her to her family..." she said faintly. "So they can give her a proper funeral, please," Bella said giving Jane the most pleading, but convincing eyes.

"Fine," Jane said softly then called two guards in. Felix and Demetri came in.

"Demetri please find where, she lives... take her home," she said.

"Why?! That's so stupid when we can just burn her right here," Felix glared at the human girl.

"I said do it!!" Jane growled and caused Felix pain.

Felix dropped to the ground screaming in utter pain. Bella cant stand to see anyone hurt, so she grabbed Jane's arm, "Jane please don't," She whispered in her ear.

Jane nodded and stopped instantly.

Felix stood back up. Demetri looked at Jane then Bella. 'Why does Jane listen to Bella now,' he thought.

"Because she can Demetri," Bella said she growled. "She makes her own decisions," she said.

Demetri looked at Bella shocked.

"Bella what are you talking about?" Jane asked realizing Bella was talking about her. "No one said anything Bella," She looked so confused on what was going on.

"What do you mean. Demetri just spoke," Bella said looking at Jane 'Oh god im crazy.'

"No he didn't," Jane said.

Demetri stepped back, knowing if Jane finds out what he said, for sure he will be in a lot of pain.

"You didn't hear him?! Oh god I'm crazy," Bella said panicking. "What is wrong with me," She said to herself, she said it so quietly no one could hear her.

"You are probably just discovering you," Jane said putting her arm around Bella. Jane looked at the both Felix and Demetri and eyed them. 'Go get Aro'

"No please!!" Bella gasped, shaking her head fanatically.

Jane shook her head. "Bella I'm sorry, I have to,"

"But you don't, you can keep
This a secret... We don't need to tell Aro anything. It can be our little secret," she said frantically.

"M sorry we just cant," Jane said sighing "Bella I'm sorry we just cant," Jane sighing.

"Fine," she whimpered out "Get it over with," she said sitting on the floor once again, pulling her knees up to her chest, resting her head on her knees.

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