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The Tour Of The Castle

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"Bella? You ok?" Jane asked seeing me tence up.

"Yeah," I lied.

"Are you sure you are all tence and weird," Jane said looking over me.

"Are you like...." I cut jane off.

"Jane I'm fine," I snapped "im sorry, its just... I am like..." I sighed

Alec put his hand on my back.

"Bella!! CHILL IMMA TAKE YOU SHOPPING!!!!" Jane squelled. "I;m going to gather up all the girls and we are going to go shopping the whole day. And it's a good thing too. You are in due for clothes if what you wore here is the only thing you have."

"Shopping Jane?" Alec asked knowing what happened in the hall.

"Uhh..." I said feeilng the lump in my heart form.

"Let her rest. She just got here. Chill,"Alec said saving me.

"Then we should giver Bella a tour today," Jane said to Alec.

"She is gonna have to know where things are eventually," Alec said.

"True," I said, "I'll be living here the rest of my life."

"More like an enternaty

"yeah," I said agreeing with jane.

"Ok so lets see Alec and you will be sharing a room and i am across from him, Demetri is next to you and Felix is next to me. Other gaurds might not like you because you are human. they just arent human friendly," Jane said.

Alec Jane and Demetri gave me a tour. By the end of it i was hella tired so i went to bed and slept soundly all night


Sorry its so short i kept writing it and saving it but when i went on later it was lost so i got tired of explaining over and over so i just gave up.

Can i get 250 votes 25 comments and 5000 reads please

Ill probably uppdate againb before spring break is over :)

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