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After i took a shower i went back out into the room. The shower didnt help me much. I was more stressed then ever before.

Alec looked at me. "Bella... Sweetie are you ok?" He asks.

"Um... Well. Im not honestly sure. Im not very..." I trailed off giving up on trying to find the correct words.

"Whats wrong Bella?!" Alec said worried. He got up and walked over to me.

"Alec... I really just need to be alone. Ill be back in a few hours," I say breathing heavily trying not to cry.

"Bella... Tell me whats wrong. Im sure i can help," he said.

"Theres nothing wrong alec!" I say getting quite annoyed with him keeping asking.

He just nodded. I looked at him and sighed

"Ill be back in 2 hours..." I say and left out the bedroom doors. I ran down the the entrance of the castle and walked out.

I walked to the nearist park... Which i didnt realize was full of vampires till it was too late.

It happened all too quickly.

I walked into the middle of the park not realizing everyone was vampires, blood thirsty vampires, they looked at me. I gulped.

"Well hello..." Some one said quickly pinning me up to a tree.

"Uhh. Oh shit..." I say looking at him not really panicing, since i was already attacked by a vampire once in my life what would hurt if i do it again.

"Yeahh... Shit for you but food for me," he said looking at me and cutting off my wind pipe sp i could bearly breathe.

"So... Your gonna kill me by cutting off my air circulation, come on your a vampire you have more ways than just strangling me!!" I snapped at him.

"Ha!!! So your in italy... And you know about vampires... You know... Now im gonna make you suffer even more than necicary. Ill take you into the Volturi," he said.

"Hahaha!!" I laughed. "Well you already lost this battle... Im a part of the volturi... Im Alecs mate," i say smirking. Shocked i can stand up to scary vampires now.

He growled at me. "Fine... Then youll have more of a.... Painful next few days..." He said and brought his lips down to my neck.

"Uh... Stop... Please... Dont..." I stampered. Not really sure what to say if i understood correctly what he was saying. I was going to be changed. I gulped.

"Ahhh yeah pretty dumb bella," a nother person a fimilar voice. "Telling a vampire you know about vampires... Plus you are breaking a number one rule right now," the figure came out into the light. Caius.

I gulped. "For humans to know about vampires," i say under my breath. "S-sir. Im verry sorry... Im hust under a lot of stress latley. Im so sorry..." I say now struggling against the man that was holding me against the tree

"Too late... Isabella," caius says and smirks.

I feel something pointy at my neck. I yelped. "Oh calm down. I bearly even touched you," the man said.

"ALEC!!!" I screamed. But half way through i was saying that the guy covered my mouth. I screamed and struggled. Caius and the man seemed to enjoy this.

I eventually gave up. "Just cange me already..." I whimpered. The guy nodde gettin tired of hearing me whine so he perced my neck with his teeth.

I screamed bloody murder.

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