The change

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I was dropped to the floor, screaming, thrashing around. This pain was the worst pain ive ever felt.

As i was screaming Caius and the other man was watching over me pleased.

"W-why are... You.... Doing.... THIS!!!!" I scream like crazy. I was in so much pain.

Caius picked me up ignoring the fact i was screaming and thrashing around. He headed back to the castle.

I tried grinding my teeth together to make the pain go away but i was on fire no one was helping me. "ALEC!!!!!" I scream


Bella keeps screaming and thrashing in Caius arms. "HELP ME ALEC!!" She screams as she sees the castle. Alec flashed out of the castle and yelped

"BELLA!!!" He yells

"Someone bit her," caius lied smoothly no one could even tell he was lying.

Everyone came out.

Aro looked at alec and caius

"What happened Caius?" Aro asks concerned

"I told you she was bit!!!" He snapped


"Some vampire?" He says

"Is it too late to save her Aro?" Alec asks Aro.

Aro knods

"Im sorry alec but she has to change," aro says.

Bella thashing and screaminh help me, make it stop. She finally ran out of voice. She layed there in alecs arms tears streaming down her face.

"Lets bring her inside," alec says and they do so.

Alec lays bella on her bed she looked like she was sleeping. But on the inside she was dying and suffering. She wish sje could tell everyone it was caius but no one would belive her.

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