Bad Blood Part I - Chapter 19

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Arabelle's P.O.V.

I was in the main area in the insitute stood by Alec and Stiles. I hadn't spoken to Jace or Clary after seeing them both lip lock each other. I watch as Clary examined the Mortal Cup.

"It just looks like a wine glass" Clary said

"That wine glass saved your life....Arabelle how did you managed to escape with dying?"Jace turned to me

"My screamed can be used as a weapon as well as a gifed of those who have died. It can put me in a state where I can be unresponsive" I said, this was my first time talking to Jace.

"What if I hadn't got the cup in time that demon-" Clary started only to have Jace cut her off.

"But you did" Jace said

"I'm going to train because I cannot be here with these two" I said to Stiles and Alec. I walked over to the throwing knifes and started to train with them. After a while with them I moved on to the chinse ring daggers.


I showered and what not before walking back to the main area where I could see that Jace, Clary, Stiles, Izzy and Alec all disagreeing on something walking over to them I still had the ring daggers in my hand. (Outfit Below)

"My brother is right" Izzy said

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"My brother is right" Izzy said

"Whats going on" I asked Izzy as I stood beside her

"The cup must go to the clave" Izzy said

"Hey, Clary they are right the cup is the most important thing in the shadow world the cave must get it back" I said

"Your agreeing with me " Alec said talking to Izzy and I

"Hey I always agree with you, unless you are doing something stupid then I will not agree with you" I said to Alec.

"Full of suprised" Izzy said

"This cup is the one chance I have at getting my mother back" Clary said

"I agree with Clary" Jace said

"Oh, you alway agree with Clary....but if it was I or anyone else you would be the first one to disagree with them" I said

"We can't give to cup to the clave, not now....we need it. Its our only bargin chip" Jace said ignoring me

"Look I know how powerful the cup is. It has the power to create new shadowhunters, control demons and even kill a mundane if they drink from it. But I promise you, I will not let that monster get his hands on it" Clary said

"There you go, you have her word" Jace said looking at Alec and I. Alec turned to me and we were having an eye conversation

"What are they doing" Clary asked Izzy

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