The Descent To Hell Isn't Easy Part 2 - Chapter 4.

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(Arabelle is not Screaming because of the werewolf, Imagine she is screaming because somone is going to die okay everyone)

Arabelle's P.O.V.

Alec, Izzy and I all let go of each other and they reminded sat on the bed next to me. Whilst Stiles stood behinded me with his hands on my shoulders, I turned to Clary, Jace and Simon who were all looking at all three of us confused. Alec side as if he knew this was going to happen one day, I turned and looked at him with a confused look.

"He knew he was going to one day have to tell Jace about you. Because in each of our rooms there are pictures of you in different framed at different point, same age just at different times. Although there are alot of pictures of you and Stiles and of course Stiles knew who you were but we hadn't seen you since we were all five. So we didn't know what you looked like at all." Izzy started, then carried on "Anyway Jace has been in all of our rooms and saw the same pictures in different frames but you had different clothing on. You are a touchy subject to Alec, Stiles and I as well as yours, Stiles and Alec and I's parents. So when Jace would ask question about you to each of us, we would all lash out at him--" Izzy was cut of by Stiles.

"Because of to subject of you was a touchy subject and it would cause us all to lash out on Jace, it was worser for Alec because it hurt him more than anyone because you were his bestfriend the one that he could go to and tell all his problems to or talk about his day whether it was good or bad. So when Jace asked him not only would he lash out at Jace he would also hit kick and throw things because you were brought up" Stiles said as he finished for Izzy and I had not notice that Alec had left and came back with different photoframes in his arms.

He placed them down next to me and I picked them up one by one and looked at them. There was one that stood out to me the most and it was a photoframe with a picture of me inside of it. The photoframe had something written on the top of it that said "No matter how long you are gone, you will remine my bestfriend and I will always love you" I could tell this was Alec's because Izzy and Stiles picked up theirs, Izzy's picture was of me and I was smiling and laughing. Stiles picture was of me when I was eating and I had it all over me, I was smiling and laughing at myself.

Where as Alec's picture had not on me but him as well, from the picture I was asleep with my head on his lap and was he asleep with his head on the pillow. I smiled at this photo. I looked at all the others and they were of all of us when we were children and we were on the beach and in many different places we were all laughing and giggling. I heared Alec take a deep breath as he sat back down next to me.

"You want to know, who this girl is in the photoframes that we all have including our parents, well the little girl is Arabelle." Alec started, I knew it was going to be hard for him so I grabed his hand and held it in my lap and he smiled at this.

"That's impossible because you have only just met her" Jace said.

"No it's not because I was her bestfriend before you were here, she was here long before you came to live with us. She was here first. This is and was her home with me, Izzy and Stiles. She was taken away just before my birthday okay litterally the day before and I was hurt and wonded to find tht she was missing, I looked and looked along with Izzy and Stiles we searched where we could go and mom, dad, Arabelle's Mom and Stiles Dad searched as well. She was taken from us and know you know the answer to your question that you have asked us and her parents and our parents and Stiles dad over and over again" Alec said as he told Jace and I tighten my grip on his hand and he did the same back.

--------1 hour later--------------

Alec, Izzy and Stiles were finished explaining and answered everything that Jace, Clary and Simon asked them.

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