Dead Man's Party Part two - Chapter 7

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Take out theo, Imagine that it is Raphael.

3RD P.O.V.

Arabelle walked in to the building and through the lobby of Hotel DuMort without a problem. It was strange because the vampire's that were there did not try and kill her, it was like they didn't want to. She continued to walk through the hotel until she reached the area of were Simon was held.

"So how does this end? Do I, uh... Do I get out of here or what?" Simon said

"The answer to that is aboube my paygrade" Raphael

"They...They pay vampires?" Simon asked

"Let just say we tend to invest early and often" Raphael said

"Ow!" Simon said as he walked into the staute that was behind him

"Sit down! Why wont you sit. I reallt hate fidegting"Raphael sais to Simon

"I'm uh..I'm just looking" Simon said

"For a way out. Ooh, there isn't one" Raphael said to Simon

"I mean, all the, uh cool stuff you guys collect. Steal. It's..whatever" Simon said after he made a noise from the object hat he was touching. He put the object down and walked away from it.

"Leaonidas I has been trying to peddal this junk for years. Museums make you prove antiquities are legit these days" Raphael says

"Yeah, naturally" Simon says

"When they ask where you got it, what do you say? Its not against the law to rob my own grave" Raphael says. With that Simon picks up a knife a throws it at Raphael, it hits him in the shoulder. In reault causes Raphael to laugh whilst taking the knife out of his shoulder.

"Oh my god" Simon says

"Oh, please. Honestly, I just got this Jacket. Thers no way out. Your a hostage so accept it" Raphael says

"I'm a hostage? That means you wont kill me, yeah?" Simon says with joy to his words

"Won't kill you? Who said that? Raphael."Camille says

As that is going on with Camille and Simon Arabelle is near where they are when Raphael is set away to leave Camille and Simon alone in private. As he leave he see some on that he hasn't saw in a long time. She looked exactly the same the only differece is, is that she is a little taller than the last time they met.

"Arabelle?" Raphael says in confusion on how she had got this far without being eat by the other vampires that were in the building and had not been suck dry like the rest who have entered had been drained. Raphael said her name again only to get no response like before. He then took a closer look at ther and realised that she seemed to be in some kind of daze. He had only seen this three times before and he knew straight away that she had banshee blood in her vains.

He watched as she walked into the room where Simon and Camille was. Simon was being drank from by Camille, when he saw Arabelle.

"Arabelle?" Simon said not understanding why she is here

"ARABELLE!" Simon shouted at her, with that she woke from the daze she was in looking around to see if she could idenify where she was, looking confused until she spotted something that lead her to know where she is. Looking back at Simon with confusion on why he is here.

"Simon? What are you doing here?" She asked her adopitve Sisters bestfriend.

"Me? I'm a hostage until Clary comes and gets me. What about you what are you doing here?" Simon asked her.

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