Teaser for chapter 23

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Jace's P.O.V.

As Clary and I followed Meliorn to where he could help Clary find her father. I noticed that we were not long in Kansas.

"Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore" Clary said noticing the same thing as me.

"Welcome to the seelie clade, Clary Fairchild. The remotest edges of it" Meliorn said

"How did we get here" Clary questionned

"There are entrances all through the mundane world" I told her

"You just have to know where to look" Meliorn said

"Why did we have to come here to find my father" Clary asked

"Because of your necklace, it's a portal shard" Meliorn said

"Tell us something we don't known" I said. Though I'd rather be with Arabelle than here.

"How does it work?" Meliorn said to Clary asking about the necklace

"When I touch the crystal and think of someone, I can see where they are" Clary said

"I'm curious, shadowhunter, who knows so much about portal, did you never wonder why this portal shard doesn't behave the way normal portals do?" Meliorn said to me

"Normal portals can only take you places you've been. I guess I never really thought about it" I said

"I see Isabelle is the smart one in the family" Meliorn said causing me to stare holes into him

"Your portal shard works the way it does because it's a piece of a portal from another dimension"Meliorn said

"Another dimension" Clary said shocked

"You're saying there's a portal in some other universe that can take us to anyone if we just think of them" I said not really believeing him

"If you can find the only portal still standing in that dimension it will take you to your father" Meliorn said before turning away.


No-one's P.O.V

"Then they put Jace in, and that can't be, you know....Just hold on one second" Alec said as he spoke to another shadowhunter, whereas Arabelle was around the insitute with Stiles some where.

"Where the hell have you been?" Alec said standing infront of Izzy

"Where I needed to be away from you and Arabelle because the pair of you follow Lydia around and her orders" Izzy said

"Jace and Clary are on the run. I can't protect you if you don't tell me the truth" Alec said as Arabelle and Stiles came into the main area

"I don't need protecting" Izzy said

"Alec leave her alone. Izzy can I talk to you a second please" Arabelle said walking over to them

"Meliorn's alive. That's all that matters. Yes abel come on" Izzy said

"Just....hey, just....tell me this. Is there any way that Raj could have seen anything incriminating" Alec said as he, Izzy, Arabelle and Stiles turned to look at the man who was talking to Lydia

"I don't think you could call it an attack if no-one got injured. We were ambushed" The man named Raj said

"How is that possible. Nobody outside the institut knew about the mission" Lydia said

"It was dark. We couldn't see much. There were wolves....and the others were hit with vampires. But I swear, the one that got me moved a lot like a shadowhunter" Raj said as Lydia looked as Izzy, Alec, Arabelle and Stiles who were all talking.


"These trees are where the alternate dimensions intersect the seelie realm" Meliorn said as they continued walking through the forests

"How is thar possible that the Clave doesn't know about your dimensiona doorways?" Jace's questionned

"They are our most guarded secret. We are their protectors. Only seelies known of their existence"Meliorn said

"Then why are you telling us?" Clary said

"I owe you a life debt....and I don't like being indebted to anyone" Meliorn said

"What would happen...."Clary started but was cut off

"If the seelie queen finds out I've shaed this with you...I could be executed" Meliorn told them

"Well, we'lll be extra careful then" Jace told Meliorn.


Just a sort of teaser of what will be happening in next chapter which is episode 10.

Sorry for spelling mistakes


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