Moo Shu To Go Part I - Chapter 11

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Jace's P.O.V.

"And he spoke to you?" I asked Clary

"He said my name. He said 'Your mother for the cup'" Clary told me and Alec

"Who said that?" Alec asked

"Valentine" Clary and I said together

"He's with my mother" Clary said

"And he can speek to you through the necklace. Here in the insitute" Alec said

"It's like when I saw Dot" Clary said to us as I stood and examined her necklace

"It's a portal shard. Thats why your mother made sure you had it. I wonder if Arabelle has the same thing" I said to them

"All I know is what I saw.....I don't know about Arabelle because she has been acting really weird lately" Clary said to us.

"Weird? How?" Alec questionned

"I don't know... It looks like one seconds she is in pain then the next she is completely normal, but that is not all. I have notice that she has been walking around alot more and talking to herself like she is talking to you or Stiles, Alec" Clary said I gulped because of what Stiles had told us about the stones turning black.

"Is that it?" Alec said

"No her eye's seem different. Like they have been changing colour" Clary said

Oh no, I thought then Alec started to question Clary. Asking all these question when she doesn't know the answers to them, I knew what Alec was trying to do but it wasn't working because she was getting more scared and worried by the second.

"Alec, lighten up" I said to him

"I'm trying to get something that we can use out of this. Clary what exactly did you see" Alec said and asked her

"Valentine has my mother that is what I saw" Clary said with all her emotions showing

"Emotions are nothing but a distraction. You are ruled by them, We're taught to control them. Arabelle is able to control her so why can't you?" Alec stated

"How is that working for you? I don't know maybe because I am nothing like Arabelle she had been raised in the insitute and was taught everything she knows.... She has always been an emotionless person since my mom brought her home. She only shows her emotion to people who are allowed to see it. And that person is mainly Stiles" Clary said and told us things that we didn't know about Arabelle.

"It is my Job to protect the insitute as much as it is Arabelles, she may have been gone awhile but she was always a fast learner out of all of us any way. If valentine can see in, that is a door that both Arabelle and I have to shut. Now....let me take a look at that thing" Alec said and I handed the neclace over to him still confused on what Arabelle has to do with this. "Now that it is in the proper hands" Alec said and walked away.

"Hey! Alec...Where are you going" Clary asked him

"To put this somewhere safe. So that no-one will be tempted to use it" Alec said

"We should us it. Alec we should use it to get to Valentine" I said to Alec only he came out with a smart comment that made me think it over

"If I was Valentine. I maked you think that you could recuse Jocelyn. Then I would lure Clary to me and leverage her life for the cup" Alec said whilst trace the rune on that was on the floor with his stele.

"I like Jace's Idea" Clary said to Alec whilst agreeing with me. "We save Simon from the Vampires that way." Clary said

"Yeah ...but it was not only Simon it was also Arabelle do you remember or do you not care about her anymore since she is not your sister. But Vampire. Bored decadent self-involved vampires" Alec said as he place the neclace on a shelf that came up from the floor. He then redraw the rune and with that they disappear bring shelf back down into the floor. I know that I cannot open it without Alec's stele to be able to get the necklace back.

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