Rise Up Part I - Chapter 21

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Arabelle's P.O.V.

I woke up noticing that Alec wasn't here anymore. But he had left a note telling me that he was training, so I showered and got dressed I left my room to go and find the other only to see that Robert was tending to both Stiles and Alec. I see that Izzy is by Alec

"Oh my angel, what happened" I said

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"Oh my angel, what happened" I said

"A forsaken got into the wards and attacked both and Alec and Stiles as well as Hodge" Robert said

"Are you okay" I said to Alec

"I'm fine" He replied. I walked over to Stiles and sat next to him on the bed

"Normally it is me in here and the rest of you worrying about me" I said causing him to laugh

"I know, but don't worry we're both fine" Stiles said

"Are you sure, you best not be lying to me " I said

"No, we're fine just waiting for Robert to finish cleaning Alec's wounds" Stiles said

"I can do it" I told him. I went and grabed everything that I need to be able to clean his wounded. I walked back over to him and start to get to work on making sure that the wound will not get infected. Once that was done I quickly wrapped it up, making sure that it was tight enough but not too tight.

"Done" I said

"Thanks Ara" Stiles said

"your welcome, you know what we havn't had a day too ourselfs" I said

"I know, but it is hard with Lydia breathing down both yours and Alec's necks. Your parents finding some-one for the both of you to marry. I wouldn't be suprised if they make you marry each other" Stiles said. Oh Stiles if only you knew I thought.

I was about too say something when Alec's phone went of. I walked over to Izzy and Alec, to see that the person was Jace that was calling. I looked at Izzy and she took the phone out of Alec's hand and walked over to the side. I sat next to Alec, who was already looking at me.

"I will be right back" I said before grabing Izzy's hand as we both walked away from Alec and Stiles

"Alec, I need you" Jace said

"Its Izzy and Belle, we need you" Izzy said

"Theres been an attack at the insitute" I said

"Attack?" Jace said

"Valentine created a forsaken that went through the wards" Izzy and I said together

"Stop, thats not possible Izzy, Belle" Jace said

"Yeah well you better believe it" I said

"Nothing can get throgh the wards. There warlock spelled so defending it form all down worlders" Jace said

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