Raising Hell Part One - Chapter 8

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Clary's P.O.V.

"Mum, I don't want to do this" A younger Arabelle said

"I don't either" A younger Me said to.

"They won't be a child forever, Jocelyn" The man said

"For now I don't want them part of our world. What am I going to do when they finally find Arabelle and they take her away from everyone she has ever know" My mom said

"What just like you did the night you took her away from her bestfriends and parabatai?" The man said

"I took her because I wanted her safe." Mom said

"No, you didn't, you took her hoping that you could trade her so that Valentine wouldn't take The Mortal Cup, if you gave her to Valentine instead of The Mortal Cup, you knew that more than anything Valentine wanted her just a little more than he wanted the cup" The man said looking at my mom. "Don't even try and argue with the truth because you know I can read you like a book" The man said.

With that the next thing I saw in the nightmare or flashback was a ball of blue light then nothing it was like it was dead, like I couldn't remember anything.

"Hey. Its okay, I'm here. Your safe. " Jace said as I shot up from the nightmare

"Jace..." I said

"What. You alright, you seem... kind of freaked" Simon said who I though was Jace

"Simon" I said once I realised who it was

"Hey. I got you. Your okay. Must have been one hell of a nightmare." Simon said

"You have no idea. Arabelle and I was strapped to this piece of furniture and My Mom was there. She kept telling this guy to protect us. But this guy was arguing with her about Arabelle telling her that she only took her because she wanted to trade Arabelle to Valentine so that he wouldn't take The Mortal Cup because she knew that he wanted Arabelle more than the Cup. But then he reached his hand into our skulls and ripped out our brains" I said.

"Hello Freddie Krueger" Simon said

"Tell me about it. What are you doing here anway? Shouldn't you be in the infirmary?" I asked him

"Uh, I just...really need to see you" Simon told me

"I am so sorry that my messed up life put you in danger" I said to him feeling really bad about what happened.

"I'm fine" Simon tried to reassure me

"No, if those vampires hurt you....I couldn't live with myself. Your all I've got left" I said

"Don't get me wrong. I am greatfull for your friends getting me out, before the vampires drained me like a big gulp. But it was Arabelle that they held like they were going to hurt her. I mean she walked in the place in a daze like she didn't know what she was doing. Then all a sudden she woke up asking me what I am doing hear and then I asked her bet she said she doesn't know she remember the city of bones that is it." Simon said. Then he questionned me about Jace and if I can trust him. I told him the truth.

"She called this man Magnus" I said

"Wait Magnus Bane" Simon questionned

"Maybe. Why, How do you know that name?" I said

"I heard it from the Vampire before she knocked out Arabelle. You know, the shockingly hot one. Sorry uh Camille... She was super pissed at this Magnus Bane guy. When I told her that someone had took your memories" Simon said to me

"Simon! Simon you are amazing. You've just given me my first solid lead" I said to him excitiedly

"I did?" Simon said confused

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