Moo Shu To Go Part III - Chapter 13

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Arabelle's P.O.V.

I looked at Stiles confused and waiting for him to tell me what was going on. He finally got off the phone and turned to me. I looked at him questionnly telling him to tell me what was going on.

"Clary has escaped from the insitute." Stiles said

"For f**k sake, I am really starting to think that we should just tie her to a chair or something" I said and stiles nodded his head agreeing.

"Do you know where she could have gone?" Alec said coming from the phone.

"NO- wait yes the art school she would have gone there." I said

"Why would she have gone there?" Alec asked

"Because she was studding art, as Stiles and I were going to a really smart school." I said

"Meet us there Alec" Stiles said as we took of running.

As we ran towards the Brooklyn arts school, I pulled out my phone and dial Clary's number. I heard it ring and with in seconds Alec, Stiles and I reached Clary.

"If you are going to sneak off, make sure your phone is on silent and go where I know you wont go next time" I said to hear.

Then hear and Alec started to arguing , then her phone rang again and it turned out to be simon.


We were know on our way to our loft, when we ran into Simon.

"What are you doing here Simon? Its dangerous" I said

"I'm hear for Clary....are showing me that you care Belle?" Simon said smuggly

"No, I'm not....I just don't want you to die without knowing just how annoying you are" I said

taking the smug look of his face causing Alec and Stiles to burst out laughing.

"Anyway our loft is just over there" Clary said

"We need to be careful, eye's and ears are all over this place and everyone in the shadow world is looking for the both of you." Alec said.

"No-one will find this short cut. I used to take it when I went to see Clary" Simon said looking at Clary smiling.

"Yeah, because she was in trouble and you didn't know how to use the front door.

"That and the Stiles uses to grass everytime you was after you went and got Clary in trouble more" I said. walking off.


After awhile we reach the loft and it was covered in all the drawing that Clary and I used to do, all the time. I walked along the wall and Came across a familar drawing, It had Arabelle and Stiles bestfriends forever. The one next to it was what Jackson and I had wrote on the wall because he was my first boyfriend and my first love.

"This was when Simon and I was engaged to be married" Clary said smiling.

"Yep, a story that doesn't need to be told and how Stiles and I threw a fit when you two tried to

get us to be your best man and maid of honner." I said and Alec and Stiles laught.

Clary walked over to the door and tried to open it but it wouldn't budge at all, I walked over and tried and it still wouldn't move.

"It's locked" Clary said.

"Here let me try." Simon said and with that he tugged it and the door opened. Stiles, Alec and I looked at Simon in suspition.

"Ladies first" Simon said to me and Clary and we entered the building.

"My turn" Simon said cutting off Stiles and Alec. I stood and waited for stiles to get in here. I grabbed his hand and we walked further in to the room. Clary went one way and I went the other. I walked into my old bedroom see that it had been burnt down.

 I walked into my old bedroom see that it had been burnt down

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I looked around trying to find anything. I walked further into the room with Stiles behind me, I walked over to the dresser and opened the draws looking for my things that I had got from Jackson and Stiles. I pulled them out and put them in my bag.

We walked out of my room and walked over to Clary's to see that her room was the same as mine. I noticed that she had the box out that Jocelyn always had out on one day in particular. I didn't look in it.


Stiles and Alec left to go and check out a noise that they heard outside. When I heard a noised from behind us, I was about to turn round when I was hit over the head and was knocked out. The last thing I heard was my name being shouted.


Stiles's P.O.V.
Alec and I was on our way back in when I saw across the street Clary and Simon being pushed into a car and Arabelle and been knocked and was also placed in the car. Alec and I started to run towars the car. When it took off before we could reach it. My Poor Arabelle.
Hey guy, short alot of things going on.
I promise I will try and update more and get the chapters back to there normal long very detail chapters.

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